A German Arado Ar seaplane, which was lost on February 28, , at a depth of about meters between Naxos and Ikaria islands in the Aegean Sea, . This page details the development and operational history of the Arado Ar Shipborn Reconnaissance Floatplane including technical specifications and. The Arado Ar aircraft of the German battleship Bismarck.

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A number of wartime German aircraft araso been recovered from the lake, but the Ar remains undisturbed as its crew were killed when it crashed there in and it has the status of a War Grave. Both were equipped with twin floats. With the exception of the Arado low-wing monoplane design, all were conventional biplanes.


Another noteworthy mention is inwhen the Bismarck launched its Arado to drive araeo a shadowing RAF Catalina. The plane was loved by its pilotswho found that it handled well both in the air and on the water. Where applicable, the appearance of U. Qrado using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A nine cylinder BMW radial engine producing a high power output of hp also placed the Arado as the fastest in its class. It is now on display at the Paul E. Images marked with “www. Two more prototypes soon followed but these airplanes carried a single, large, central float and two small outrigger floats.

Have A Passion For Aircraft? Intwo Arados managed to attack a crippled British submarine, inflicting enough damage to prevent it from submerging, and enabling the Kriegsmarine araxo close in for the capture.

Many Ar s flew coastal patrol missions from land bases. Ar1966 four months, the ship cruised the South Atlantic searching for merchant ships and launching its complement of two Ar s from catapults set amidships.


Dabrowski, Hans-Peter and Koos, Volker. Beginning with the Admiral Graf Spee, all the other German capital ships subsequently received the Arado, including the battlecruiser Gneisenau and the famed Bismarck. At Dassow a spare parts depot was recovered also. Five similarly equipped B-0s were also delivered to land-based squadrons. The aircraft was eventually ad196 on a number of notable German warships that included the Deutschland, the Admiral Scheer, the Admiral Hipper and the Leipzig.

This production series comprised of the A-2 and A-3 models. The final production version was the A-5 fromwhich changed radios and cockpit instrumentsand switched the rear gun to the much-improved MG 81Z.

This little plane enabled the capital ships to scout ahead at distances of over a few hundred kilometers, increasing the effectiveness of the raiding party. This page was last edited xr196 8 Decemberat The development, which produced four prototypes, tested two arrangements of floats.

The Ar C project was cancelled in Sivertsen, Svein Carl ed.

Arado Ar 196

Several fully equipped soldiers were carried in the fuselage. By the end ofFokker had become the primary builder. Retrieved 13 February Heinkel choose to continue trying to improve the He but Arado, Dornier, Gotha, and Focke-Wulf responded to the specification.

The first prototype was powered by the Daimler-Benz DB inline enginebut it was clear that supplies of this engine would be limited and the production versions turned to the BMW radial engine instead. Rushed modifications resulted in a series of nine prototypes in an attempt to solve some of the problems, but they did not help much. The Arados projected the battlecruiser’s “eyes” hundreds of miles to look for prospective targets.

Single-engined tractor aircraft Low-wing aircraft German military reconnaissance aircraft — Floatplanes Arado aircraft Aircraft first flown in With the loss of the German surface fleet, the A-1s were added to coastal squadrons and continued to fly reconnaissance missions and submarine hunts into late For further updates follow us on social media.


The Arado Ar was a key component to Axis maritime reconnaissance and made all the more versatile by engaging enemy targets from shipboard or coastal starting points. Only three Ar floatplanes still exist from the total production run of aircraft, excluding the prototypes and pre-production aircraft.

Retrieved from ” https: Home Arado Ar A The final version had upgraded armament of aradoo MG81 machine-guns in the rear cockpit. It was the primary German maritime reconnaissance aircraft and its counterpart in the U. Arado Flugzeugwerke – Germany. The Arado was a highly successful seaplane design which served as a reconnaissance plane for the Kriegsmarine.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Areas covered include general ratings, speed assessments, and relative ranges based on distances between major cities. An A-5 model was later offered that featured improved radio equipment and twin 7. With nearly total production examples, this superb floatplane was in use with Germany and her allies – Bulgaria and Romania. It is either on loan or in storage. During the fall ofthe Reichs Air Ministry RLM Technical Office released a specification that called for a 2-seat aircraft powered by a single horsepower engine with either a single- or a twin-float arrangement.

Ten A-0s were delivered in November and Decemberwith a single 7. In addition to reconnaissance, the Arado also served a multitask role, including sea-rescues, coastal patrols, inserting agents behind enemy coastal lines, and even in combat situations.