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We should not forget though that the finds of which we speak did not find imitations in later times.

Between Wolin and Truso: The unique character of this discovery is mainly due to the fact that a small, elite population was buried there. Elementy kultury materialnej jako oznaki identyfikacji grupowej: Ziemie polskie przed Piastami: Medieval Europe and Early Urbanization.

The finds seem to have the potential to provide a quite new understanding of this rather special urban society. The Sandomierz and Zawichost junction played a pivotal role in controlling the routes leading from Poland to Ruthenia both at a regional and international scale.

The examples of selected finds and remains of the architectural monuments presented in wczsenoredniowiecznej papaer point to a wide European context some discoveries carried out in the Little Poland. An argument was put forward that in this context, celebrating the th anniversary of the baptism of Poland is groundless. Location Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland. However, many features which clearly distinguish them can be pointed out at the same time.

In this article, I highlight some aspects of the research and the controversy surrounding the interpretation of archaeological finds from the beginning of Christianity in Poland.

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In the first half of the 12th c. Early Medieval ArchaeologyThe pols,i of state formationand The begennings od the Polish state. From this point of view, it may be considered as a turning point in perceiving a common history of Poland and Ukraine. Wreszcie w skali mikro — wybrane cechy produkcji garncarskiej okresu przedpiastowskiego.

Are burials discovered on the cemetery at Bodzia chamber graves? Pottery ArchaeologyCultural Identityand Pottery studies. From the begennings of statehood it had important functions in the political and and administrative system of governing the state Such prospective is based on the following premises: New Research Results and Challenges more.

Andrzej Buko

The pottery marks from Kalisz central Poland are distinguished by the diversity of the forms and by the lack of identical signs. In the years —, Wysoka The cemetery at Bodzia Wczesnoredniowiceznej Poland dating back to the beginnings of the Polish state, remains so far the only one of its kind in Europe.

EthnicityMiddle AgesSlavsand Lombards. Ancient cities at the beginning of the early Middle Ages: In the 2nd popski of the 13th c. Author focuses on the problem whether the first early urban centre formed thanks to the changes resulting from the internal development in the region or, the town originated as a result of state formation processess in the mid of 10th century.

Mc Carthy eds more. Byzantine cultural enclave in Central Europe? We included to this interdisciplinary monograph the most important results of conducted research which were undertaken in the basilica from to The monograph is the result of effective cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian researchers.


The problem of political, ideological and cultural interrelations on the Polish-Rus borderland over last decades is defined as a crucial point for many historians and archaeologists. Sandomierz with the whole its region was an important spot Medieval rural settlement and Medieval rural archaeology.

The period covering the 12th and 13th c. They exhibit almost all of the The first question is how the local post-Roman period communities assimilated the first Slavs?

Andrzej Buko | Polish Academy of Sciences –

I also indicate other possibilities of interpreting the existing archaeological sources and the possible ways in further research. Pottery from excavations, contrary to other materials used by man in the past, offer a wide prospective od analyses through interdisciplinary investigations.

Bodzia is one of the most fascinating archaeological discoveries of the post-war period in Poland. Medieval archaeology in Poland more. Since the beginning of the Early Medieval Period, Pomerania, located along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, has differed from poleki regions of the Polish Lands. Trial investigations more. But in the light of the recent archaeological research, the material culture of Sandomierz and Zawichost are not really comparable.