Arthur Machen . pharmacist stop, and upon subjected to fluctuating temperatures over the years has turned naturally into something called the vinum sabbati. Some of the finest horror stories ever written. Arthur Machen had a profound impact upon H.P. Lovecraft and the group of stories that would later become known. Dans les récits fantastiques écrits par Arthur Machen à la fin du siècle, to the one formerly used to make Vinum Sabbati, the sacramental wine of the Sabbath.

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Due to their influence on Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Clark Ashton Smith, and Lord Dunsany all made my homework list, and reading them in close conjunction has actually added something to my weird fiction experience, as it facilitates a comparison of just what each man oh, so many men considered “horror.

It soon becomes clear to his sister that there is something seriously wrong both with the sabati and her brother.

The language is very descriptive and somewhat flowery. He undid the wrapper, and cautiously tilted a few grains of the white powder on to a piece of paper, and peered curiously at it.

Ce Machen is, as should be, a little strange. There upon the floor was a dark and artyur mass, seething with corruption and hideous rottenness, neither liquid nor solid, but melting and changing before our eyes, and bubbling with unctuous oily bubbles like boiling pitch.

The White People and Other Stories.

Pagan Revenants in Arthur Machen’s Supernatural Tales of the Nineties

The room I slept in was beneath my brother’s, and as I went in I felt I was trembling. After all, modern science will concede as much, in a hypocritical manner; you must not, it is true, believe in witchcraft, but you may credit hypnotism; ghosts are out of date, but there is a good deal to be said for the theory of telepathy.

What meanest thou by this word Sacrament? And I sat still, conscious that there had been something else, something I had seen in the first flash of terror, before those burning eyes had looked at me. It is a tale of coincidence, perhaps supernaturally arranged, that embroils itself around two young friends Dyson, the cynical writer, and Phillips, the fanciful scientist, after they find a coin of legendary value. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


It is not prescribed often, and I have had it on the shelf for some years. The servants began to talk to me; it appeared they were as alarmed as I; the cook said that when my brother first shut himself up in his room she used to hear him come out at night and go about the house; and once, she said, the hall door had opened and closed again, but for several nights she had heard no sound.

The wine of Vaughan is thus another wine of the faun and the femme fatale is a poisonous woman who corrupts men, body and soul.

It was an odd, oldfashioned shop, devoid of the studied coquetry and calculated glitter that make so gay a show on the counters and shelves of the modern apothecary; but Francis liked the old chemist, and believed in the scrupulous purity of his drugs. Porque su prosa, tan bella y tan cuidada, no solo tiene la finalidad de deleitar.

So, the story depends on random chance and highly unlikely events. I thought that such relentless application must be injurious, and tried to cajole him from the crabbed textbooks, but his ardour seemed to grow rather than diminish, and his daily tale of hours increased.

We had dined without candles; the room had slowly grown from twilight to gloom, and the walls and corners were indistinct in the shadow. In short, we must look at vunum and vnium with other eyes, and be prepared to accept tales that had arthhur mere fables.

His health seems to be declining from stress and long hours. Nov 08, Shabbeer Hassan rated it did not like it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? From what I have heard, “The White People” is the key piece of that. Yes, I will go out; I may be in soon, but I shall take my key; so good-night, dear, if I don’t see you again.

Then they all rose up and danced, and secret things were brought out of some hiding place, and they played extraordinary games, and danced round and round and round in the moonlight, and sometimes people would suddenly disappear and never be heard of afterwards, and nobody knew what had happened to them.


Perhaps it was a cave in some bare and windswept hill, perhaps some inmost recess of a great forest, and there the Sabbath was held. It is his way of observing human nature.

The Novel of the White Powder

I was firmly convinced that awful and incredible as was the thing I had seen the night before, yet it was no illusion, no glamour of bewildered sense, and in the course of the evening I went again to the doctor’s house. In addition, the episode is but the starting point of a narrative whose focus is on the havoc wreaked by the unnatural child thus engendered, who turns out to be the devil incarnate. My name is Leicester; my father, Major-General Wyn Leicester, a distinguished officer of artillery, succumbed five years ago to a complicated liver complaint acquired in the deadly climate of India.

I turned away, horrified, and yet helpless. He also is well known for his leading role in creating the legend of the Angels of Mons. Dyson is speaking for the sabgati at this moment, but he is also setting himself up for some terrible shocks. Apr 06, Simon rated it really liked it Shelves: The second and longest, swbbati Fragment of Life,” isn’t really horror but instead an overly-extended critique of the banality of life.

Arthur Machen vinum sabbati resumen |HQ Picture| just look it

The two aforementioned short stories are classics within the genre and the lesser known ‘The novel of the dark valley’ also deserves mention. He does that eventually, but his behaviour soon changes for the worse. The suspense mounts bit by bit.