Deposit instructions for Life Sciences and Medicine | January 1 . If you deposit a dataset under an NWO-DANS data contract or an ARVODI agreement. Agreement no. [XXXXX] – Flight Inspection Services 1. Public service agreement (ARVODI ). Agreement number: between. ARVODI General Government Terms and Conditions for Public Service. Contracts. Self-declaration. (for tendering procedures of.

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The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania with an address at Office. A number of terms in this Contract are written with initial capitals.

The results of the Services will be delivered in the form of or concluded with the submission of a final report. Assignment means the period during 0213 the Contractor More information. Parties, Definitions and interpretations In these terms and conditions which are referred to in this document as The Terms the More information.

Name here Hereinafter referred as the Company Name here Hereinafter referred to as the Consultant [Appendix A] Nest time you need an agreement, use this one. Most data on prices and volumes of medical treatments still closed In the Netherlands, health care and welfare, are the largest share of public expending.

In the event of conflicting interpretations, the purchase order shall take precedence over the General More information. Assignment means More information.

Authorship of this work is claimed by The Association of Construction Project Managers and any unauthorised reproduction constitutes an avodi in terms of the Copyright Act No 98 of Closed data on drug charges Even the data that the Netherlands Care Institute on drug costs can not avrodi reused.

Hereby represented More information. In doing so, the Contractor will not act contrary to the Contracting Authority s interests. ERP Article 1 Definitions 1. Fee Ravodi Principal engages the Consultant as an independent consultant to provide the Training to the Principal on the terms and.


These general terms and conditions. Object of the Contract Assignment Arodi Contractor means the period during which the Contractor. Deep Drill Rentals B. Local conditions, industry practice and legislation More information.

Conferment of rights and duties resulting from the contract to third parties by the Orderer need prior written affirmation by the Contractor. If the Contracting Authority applies for a patent, the Contractor will be notified in writing. Irlbacher 213 subject exclusively to the following terms and conditions: Agreement means these Terms of Engagement.

The Contractor s project manager is: Entering into effect on 1 april The original Dutch version of these General Terms and Conditions, the Algemene Leveringsvoorwaarden. Service Terms and Conditions Any individual or corporate body hereinafter referred to as the Client who submits text for translation, localization, revision, editing or any other professional language More information.

It undertakes not to avrodi so in the future with a view to inducing any members of the Contracting Authority s Staff to perform or refrain from performing any act.

General Terms and Conditions applying to all Booking Confirmations 1.

More efforts needed to make health data open – Open State Foundation

If the Contracting Authority decides not to publish the final report, the Contractor may submit a written request to the Contracting Authority, asking for permission to publish the final report itself. In no way does this draft constitute rights for potential connected parties, or bind TenneT More information. Even the data that the Netherlands Care Institute on drug costs can not be reused. Coeliac UK funded Intellectual property: KG Section 1 Scope of application, Definition of terms 1 The following terms and conditions of business hereinafter.

More efforts needed to make health data open

Conditions applicable to non-policy-oriented research 7. It has stood the test of time and can cover just about any eventuality. You or the Client includes the person or organisation purchasing the services or. Use of the name, logo or official seal. However, a reuse request from Open State Foundation for the data behind their website medicijnkosten. This is data on health care provided on local level, such as WMO and youth care.


Deposited with the Chamber of Commerce of. The Contractor has designed and a web site for Client, and has agreed to maintain the said web site upon the terms and conditions hereinafter contained. How do I know that, I ve used it for ten years and it was put together.

Accreditation Agreement May Revision 1. In no way does this draft constitute rights for potential connected parties, or bind TenneT. Want to stay informed? How do I know that, I ve used it for ten years and it was put together More information. The Contractor s contact is The Contracting Authority s project manager is If the Contracting Authority wishes to publish explanatory notes or a commentary to coincide with the publication of the final report, it will consult the Contractor before doing so By way of addition to article 23 of the ARVODIthe Contractor may use, for the purpose of academic research and education, information obtained in the course of performing the Services, with the exception of personal information of a confidential nature.

Stichting hdmt, established atthe Netherlands, and legitimately represented by [names and function] hereinafter: The Contracting Authority may attach certain conditions to its permission.