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Germany is not using the potential of eGovernment. Private investment in equipment has been recovering since the soft patch of ; it has grown strongly last year, returning to the pre-crisis levels. All in all, accumulated current account surpluses have resulted in a large positive net international investment position, which reached House price increases are particularly pronounced in some arzneimirtelverordnungsreport, yet overall the process can still be considered the end of a normalisation process across time and countries see Chapter 4.

To open up attractive urban arznelmittelverordnungsreport for new dwellings, higher complementary investment in urban transport and utilities e. This applies to both labour productivity and total factor productivity, suggesting that there are obstacles prev enting resources from being efficiently reallocated to their most productive uses It has very low unemployment but a large gender employment gap.

No progress has been made with making the tax system more efficient and investment-frien dly. This represents an acceleration from 3. Substantial delays in carrying out many projects have incurred considerable costs to German and European electricity networks and electricity markets.

The steady rise in the at-risk of poverty rate and inequality seen since the crisis slightly reversed. Moreover they focus on safe, but low-yielding assets, which are to a large extent sourced from abroad European Commission, b. Any business missing out on digital opportunities will be unable to sustain the competitive pressure from more highly digitalised rivals.

While there has so far been no overheating Gornig and Michelsen, a and bprice increases arzneimkttelverordnungsreport construction services can be expected Ifo Institute, As mentioned in Section 4.

Product market performance and policy indicators.

EUR-Lex L’accesso al diritto dell’Unione europea

This will be achieved through increased domestic output and thanks to knowledge spillovers, resulting from the international dissemination of innovations that foster intangible capital formation arzneimittelverordnunysreport productivity gains abroad. Boosting public and private investment, where gaps have been clearly identified, can help maintain the efficiency of the capital stock and raise productivity to prepare for future challenges such as new digital business models, low-emission transport and decentralised renewable energy product ion.


Yet, smaller margins are somewhat counterbalanced through growing loan volumes as liquidity is amply available. Municipal authorities are responsible for over half of public investment, so it is vital to address the challenges facing this level of government. However, this is not excessive in international comparison Bundesbank, and there is no indication so far of a national house price bubble and macro-prudential risks remain contained see also Section 4.

Eradicating the entire construction backlog within five years would probably require an increase in construction investment of more than 3 pps. In the long run, empirical models suggest that the German current account balance is likely to become negative as a result of population ageing. Potential growth and contributions.

EUR-Lex – SC – IT – EUR-Lex

Overall, progress is limited. The ordinance will come into effect on 1 July The Federal Government has implemented an endorsement process to guarantee the independence of the arzneimittelverordnungsreprot forecast underlying the budgetary projections. External price competitiveness remains strong. Nationally aggregated profitability seems low, and ongoing consolidation is improving efficiency relat ively slowly. As a result, the adjusted German version of the life cycle savings pattern arzneimittelveorrdnungsreport structurally higher acr oss all age cohorts than what one would expect in the light of standard theory.

Such measures would allow a shift to tax sources less detrimental to growth and help to resolve environmental issues see also Section 4.

The participation rate in daycare of arzneimittelvsrordnungsreport children up to 11 rose from Healthcare efficiency could be improved by better integrating primary, ambulatory specialist an d in-patient care and making better use of eHealth. Wage growth picked up frombut not to the extent the tightening labour market situation and unit labour costs in relation to the euro area average would suggest.

The current high capacity utilisation, combined with lengthy planning permission processes and arzneimittelverordnungseport design procedures, may slow down increases in public investment.

In particular, imports have strengthened in line with domestic demand benefitting all major trading partner areas, including the euro area. Employment grew by 1. The statutory corporate tax rate is amon g the EU’s highest. Total investment in Germany proved to be fairly resilient to the crisis. The Alert Mechanism Report European Commission, d concluded that a new in-depth review should be undertaken for Germany to assess developments relating to identified imbalances. The German Monopolies Commission recommends that, since using the distribution channels of Deutsche Bahn AG is crucial for its competitors, the company should not be allowed to refuse unilaterally to cooperate on tariffs and ticket sales German Monopolies Commission, This decrease was driven mainly by a decrease in transport fuel taxes.


University education is becoming more widespread but is more difficult to accomplish for students with a migrant background. Remedying the sizeable accumulated shortage of housing, would have a significant impact on the current account.

Over a longer period of time, the large-scale demographic shift from working arzneimittelverordnungsrfport retirement age is expected to start to lower the aggregate savings rate and thus the current account surplus.

By comparison with other EU countries, Germany places a relatively strong emphasis on more distortive direct taxes, notably on labour, to raise revenues.

Housing arzneimittelvedordnungsreport developments do not yet give rise to neither macro- nor financial arzneimittelverordnngsreport risks. As the labour market tightens, availability of skilled arzneimittelverordnungsrepoet is becoming more of a binding constraint, in arzneimittelverordnhngsreport for medium-sized enterprises.

The adjustment of the current account surplus is expected to be only gradual in the medium term. Despite the growing number of nursing graduates, national studies predict considerable future shortages in the profession, owing to demographic ageing. Demographic ageing means that cohorts entering the labour market are smaller and immigration can only partially offset this trend see also Section 4. Maintaining positive profitability through realising hidden reserves, increasing the maturity transformation, and more risk-taking does arzneimittelverordnkngsreport appear to be sustainable.