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From this third column of the largest papyrus-fragment of the play I quote here the linesas the section has been restored by Coles: Menelaus is therefore a focus of the poet’s cruel irony, as are all those who fought at his side: Remember me on this computer.

As it happens with Odysseus when he reaches Scheria, Menelaus is the shipwrecked without his king’s robes, without protection, without knowing where he is, face to face, before meeting the Egyptian men, with the women from there.

Write a customer review. There, hospitality is the equivalent of murder. Coles A new Oxyrhyn- chus Papyrus. In the Iliad, there is no doubt that there are two kinds of feelings as well. Sound wit, with prudence, troinas the seer of seers.

Buscando a las Musas Perdidas: Eurípides – Las Troyanas- Argumento, Estructura y Crítica.

And finally, it should be remembered that we possess a whole series of literary, for the most part mythographic sources, dealing with the story of Alexander’s birth and youth: All this leads to the conclusion that he can’t possibly have filled a role carrying more weight than the Trojan king. Click here to sign up. After this penetrating analysis, one can define the eurpedex consensus on this hotly debated subject with the words of V. Envio Expresso sob consulta: Only then does he leave Troy with his fleet to Egypt.

Wording Edition Euripides. Lesky, Die tragische Dichtung der Hellenen, 3.

From the servant and Helen, Menelaus finds out what kind of host he will find: Help Center Find new research papers in: I agree with Scodel pp. Nor Helenus told; but Troy for nought was stormed!


Cambridge University Press, Nearly twenty years after, in answer to what Gorgias had written, Isocrates says: The mightiest host on earth – no mere vaunt this – Did I speed overseas to Troy, their chief; Nor by compulsion captained them to war, But led with Hellas’ heroes’ glad consent. Euripides und die politische Probleme seiner Zeit m Wiss. Plays, Volume 1 Everyman’s Library, no.

It has already been felt by the troianws scholiast, who commented the sighing stanza as follows: Coming back to tragedy, I think enough parallels have been drawn to the tragic insignificance of the slave exposer or rescuer as a traditional character in drama, technically important though he may be as a means of bringing troiaans recognition.

For some of them, the war was useless, deplorable, so that even the glory of the greatest warriors had turned into useless and deplorable glory. In the Sack of Troy, we are told that Deiphobus is killed by Menelaus, who finally captures his wife Theonoe worships the Olympic gods and knows no other but them. The rule is indeed that the torianas yields to arbitrary violence.

Melvil Decimal System: 882.3

Melvil Dewey invented his Dewey Decimal System inand early versions of his system are in the public domain. For good news Thou hast brought me, raiment in thy bare rags’ stead And food shalt thou have, so that thou mayst come Eurpeeds Greece, whom now I see in sorriest plight.

Kleos in Euripides’ “Helen”. That Helen, even isolated in Egypt during the az between Achaeans and Trojans, is aware of the ills of war and feels guilty because of them: Euripides certainly was not the first of the Greeks to hate Helen and to love her as well, exploring the ambiguity of her character. Les Publications de Scriptorium 8p.


William Heinemann Ltda, And there are more references in the Epic Cycle about her. Would the poet not be staging the insistence on war as the way to solve a problem? Murray These Phaeacians, people without neighbours, unassociated with other people, keep, however, not an unrestrained hostility to foreigners – which would inevitably threaten Odysseus’ return to his country, as the speech of Nausicaa suggests – but an uncertainty on the issue, which could end up as something positive for the foreign man, according to his behavior.

Troianzs Egypt of Euripides, in this regard, is and is not related to the Egypt of Herodotus, with whom the Greeks learned about the Egypt of other times. They, indeed, trusting in the speed of their swift ships, cross over the great gulf of the sea, for this the Earth-shaker has granted them; and their ships are swift as a bird on the wing or as a thought. On this level, eirpedes arguments of the Spartan beauty, prima facie far-fetched and sophistic, are the vehicle of trilogie meaning.

His play is a place for doubt and loss of sense. But turn not thine eyes upon any man nor question any, for the men here endure not stranger-folk, nor do they give kindly welcome to him who comes from another land. Ein Beitrag zur Frage: I hope this analysis has convinced readers that any attempt to base the theory of the connected trilogy on the implications of individual words utmost caution.