How do I run Cadence’s Assura DRC from within AWR’s Design Environment ( AWRDE)? If the command errors or times out, the PC is not connected to the Linux. assura drc rule – Assura Rule deck file – ASSURA to PVS conversion – Assura DRC If necessary, read the assura Physical Verification Command Reference!. I use Assura RCX and need to get extraction output in Spectre fornat but generated See the Assura Command Reference & and User Guide.

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Nwell accepts decoupled caps summed for that node pair vdd! Process time will increase sharply.


The disadvantage is the exponential nature of the accumulating netlist data. Region Limit and Max num of Signals are optimized values and should not be changed. RCX-HF requires a separate license.

GateLayers is an arbitrary name, used as a commxnd to store all recognition shape names during processing. The Library window lets you access documents by product family, product name, or type of document.

Assura Drc Rule

This file includes substrate, metal and dielectric definitions asssura their respective thicknesses and permittivity. If using the “-i” keys approach: Is there any problem?


I assume you use Assura in batch mode? Larger increment values reduce coefficient resolution.

You specify layer names of various substrates or wells you want capacitors decoupled to: Thanks assurq your advices. The values listed approximate actual capacitance inside the cell for simulation.

You can change the LSF command name using an environmental variable: You use Mult Factor to adjust values for decoupled capacitors. You then specify various parasitic extraction options: At most, this will double the number of parasitic resistor and inductor elements compared to the RL series circuit.

Where RCX applies predetermined capacitive models against design shapes, RCXFS performs direct capacitance extraction on design shapes, extending extraction reffrence. Previous 1 2 Next. Hello, I keep getting the above error when attempting to run assura drc on a simple layout of an inverter.

Running Assura DRC from AWRDE – Help – AWR Knowledgebase

If this doesn’t connect, your IT department might need to help resolve the issue. Sexual assault is pervasive and the treatment of the victim by the adminstration is often as damaging as the assault: This insures the integrity of the physical design for simulation and obtains the converted extract file.


Some of our other sites that you might find useful: Add Explicit Vias segregates via resistance from the total resistance of the conductor and discretely displays the segregated via resistance in the extracted view or the output netlist.

The default location is C: It is possible the recognition shape may not provide an adequate parasitic capacitance mask. L6 L7 L5 K1 K To overcome this problem you need to do a small change in the drc rule file. This config view manages referencd views you use during simulation.

Where can I find assura drc rule deck file in our project path. Run capgen to simulate assuta of your process. You choose either the schematic or layout as a source for printing net names. Assura can not be started.