Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM E at Engineering ASTM E() [ Withdrawn ]. Standard Test Method for Gross Calorific Value of Refuse-Derived Fuel by the Bomb Calorimeter. Designation: E – 87 (Reapproved ) Standard Test Method for. Gross Calorific Value of Refuse-Derived Fuel by the Bomb Calorimeter1 This standard.

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It shall have a device for stirring the water thoroughly and at a uniform rate, but with minimum heat input. Continuous stirring for 10 min shall not raise the calorimeter temperature more than 0. The pressure gauge shall be checked periodically for accuracy.

ASTM E – 87 Gross Calorific Calorimeter – PDF Free Download

Remember me Forgot password? The bomb should be returned to the manufacturer occasionally for inspection and possibly proof of firing. The indicator selected shall be used consistently in both calibrations and calorific determinations.

The standard solution 0. Threads on the main closure should be checked frequently for wear. It shall be constructed so that any water evaporating from the jacket will condense on the calorimeter. Directions for these corrections are given in Appendix X2. Firing Circuit – A 6 to 16V alternating or direct current is required for ignition purposes with an ammeter or pilot light in the circuit to indicate when current is flowing.

Allow 5 min for attainment of equilibrium; then record the calorimeter temperatures at 1min intervals for 5 min. Commercially prepared pellets may be used provided they are made from National Bureau of Standards benzoic acid. Knowledge of this value is essential in assessing the commercial worth of the fuel and to provide the basis of contact between producer and user.


The pressure gage shall be checked periodically for accuracy. Valves, gages, and gaskets must meet industry safety codes. Precision and Bias 6 Do not record time intervals since they are not critical in the adiabatic method. During ignition of a sample, the operator shall not permit any portion of his body to extend over the calorimeter. Its size shall be such that the bomb will be completely immersed in water when the calorimeter is assembled. RDF products are frequently non-homogeneous.

Observations, Isothermal Jacket Method – Assemble the calorimeter in the jacket and start the stirrer. It shall be constructed so that any water evaporating from the jacket will not condense on the calorimeter. Determine the sulfur content of the sample by any of the procedures described in Test Methods E If the bomb is lined with platinum or gold, all openings shall be sealed to prevent combustion products from reaching the base metal.

Calorimeter Water – It is recommended that calorimeter water be adjusted before weighing as follows: If this limit is not met, repeat the entire series until a series is obtained with a standard deviation below the acceptable limit. Karl Gross juegos teorias. Caution – The ignition circuit switch shall be of momentary double-contact type, normally open, except when held closed by the operator. This procedure is acceptable, provided it is used in all tests, including standardization.

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The crystals shall be pelletized before use. Tap mercurial thermometers with a pencil just before reading to avoid errors caused by mercury sticking to the walls of the capillary.

The immersed portion of the stirrer shall be coupled to the outside through a material of low heat conductivity. Estimate Beckmann thermometer readings to the nearest 0. These thermometers shall be tested for accuracy against a known standard preferably by the National Bureau of Standards at intervals no greater than 2.

Record the initial temperature and fire the charge. Test Room – The apparatus should be operated in a room or area free of drafts that can be kept at a reasonably uniform temperature and humidity for the time required for the determination.

ASTM E711 – 87 Gross Calorific Calorimeter

It shall be made in accordance with the directions furnished by the calibration authority. To be acceptable, the standard deviation of the series shall be 6.

Standardization tests should be repeated after changing any part of the calorimeter and occasionally as a check on both calorimeter an operating technique.