option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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If this does occur do not press the Submit button again as this may create multiple lodgments. Further investigation is underway and the year of commencement of the FRNN will be corrected accordingly. Senior advisers are to brief and debrief with floorwalkers regularly daily if necessaryreview floor walking data to identify trends and systemic issues, and co-ordinate with team leaders additional support for CSRs requiring it.

The existing funds transfer will be cancelled. These have already been recorded. Your practice Registration If your query relates to your tax agent registration, visit the Tax Practitioners Board External Link website. To delete a specific preference that is, change an existing preference to no preferenceanswer yes to questions 1 or 3. However, the following combinations cannot be selected together:. Outstanding lodgment for, and Back to top Activity statements List of general activity statement issues Summary Action required When an electronic revision is lodged for an activity statement and the client is a paper lodger, the lodgment delivery method for the next activity statement may incorrectly revert to electronic.

Over 3, tax practitioners took part in the survey and 16 took part in the workshops. When to complete PAYG payment summary schedule You must complete the Individual payment summary schedule if your client receives one of the following: If claiming late payment offsets please lodge using the Spreadsheet version and attach it to a new portal mail message.


We frequently remit penalties before we issuing notices of your tax debt.

Contact us | Australian Taxation Office

When you run the pre-fill report the data displayed will be the most current data held gkc the ATO. The direct debit request form must be signed by your client and submitted by: The IGT is also of the view that their working knowledge could be enhanced by providing a practical user guide. You can use the ELS to lodge to year amendments for company, partnership, trust, super funds, SMSF or fringe benefit returns.

The purpose of an amendment is fkkc request an alteration to an income tax assessment.

Remission of penalties

This includes updating of the lodgment status. Portals Click the link below that matches your system issue: Shop 3 has an inexperienced manager who needs your help.

If an eligible individual has exceeded their concessional contributions cap, a Notice of offer will be issued to the taxpayer. This list also shows how each of your ago will receive their activity statements by the ELS, paper or the internet.

Overall, it meets the three-second standard. Historic spouse details may still display via gkc due to how this information was previously captured by ATO systems.

This issue is caused by an Internet Explorer setting. Unable to edit the authorised contact details when trying to amend a previously submitted certificate of coverage request.

If a receipt number is not provided after the first time you select the Submit button, this may cause the error message ‘We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties, please try again later’ to appear. Check for browser ad blockers or add-ons that may be blocking this function. This error could be caused by a Java plug in error. However, tax practitioner calls are given priority in the queue. The ATO Portals would only be decommissioned after consultation with tax practitioners.


In particular, during busy periods, they can be aro, unresponsive, slow or just not available for significant periods of time. Do not include expenses incurred for partnership or trust distributions, afo income, business income, tax costs or infrastructure borrowings at these labels.

If you have requested aro receive the activity statement summary report that lists all the pre-printed activity statement details for your paper and ELS clients, including the unique document identification number DIN.

However, the IGT is of the view that the current POI requirements are tao because they require tax practitioners to recall detailed information about the client. Unable to open forms from ato. June — Septemberinclusive in which the ATO Portal response times averaged more than 3 seconds. Stakeholders also noted inconsistency in tasks that ATO officers were able to perform over the phone. If a tax debt was paid late deferred rather than permanently avoided, there may be scope to remit the penalty.

Problem occurs when the client’s email address is missing from the client contact screen. Research and development tax concession. A revision to an activity statement can be lodged through the ELS, even if the original activity statement or the previous revision was not made through ELS.

This may impact employee’s pre-fill.