Egun: The Ifa Concept of Ancestor Reverence (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa) (Volume 3). Awo Falokun Fatunmbi. from: $ Awo Baba Falokun Fatunmbi is a white North American, who at the age of 38 visited Nigeria with the purpose of studying the Yoruba traditions Ifa Orisa. Ebora: Ifa and the Hero’s Journey: Volume 2 (The Metaphysical Foundations of Ifa). 9 June by Awo Fa’Lokun Fatunmbi.

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Personally for faloknu neither is a significant factor. As a legal strategy I know that the best way to gather evidence is to let the libel and the slander go unchallenged.

This all seems quite a facade for anyone who is an elder of Lucumi, or a serious student of Lucumi. If that cyber bullying causes mental stress or worse you are guilty of the crime of cyber bullying, shame on you.

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So as soon as I heard about the arrival of Falokun Baba, I went to Odessa because for a long time I had been feeling the necessity of Ifa in my destiny. I think of the original 25 or so people, nine have left by now.

I had a call from Moscow. Look up the number the local legal aid society and gather your evidence. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: There were lightnings and thunderclaps. Yet it is really between Ode Remo and Falokun and them and is outside my authority in Lucumi Please login or register. If the denigration comes verbally the tort is called slander. I’ve always felt that the skill of the diviner is not how many messages, ese, pataki, and ebbo they know, but how well they match each of these to the question or situation.


Ai tete fatunmbu oleole nmu oloko. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The reasons I am lumping these falokunn together is they are similar. He is a liar. Also, he frequently accuses anyone who discusses falkoun “situation” of gossip and thumps on his Iwa Pele books.

They state clearly that he had no authority to initiate anyone to Ifa or any Orisha. There are two reasons, the first falokhn obvious,because I am an author as well. Those were the most wonderful days I have ever had. Which means, never mislead the people. Early in the morning Baba Falokun greeted me. It means I am giving hypothetical examples as a way of teaching an idea.

Charles Spencer King, in my opinion, disqualifies himself as a decent babalawo by the way he uses words and terms to describe the subject of his witch hunt. Ochun Kofa De Location: Wilson’s situation is a bit murkier than Mr.

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I wish more people had been able to get acquainted with such a great Awo as Falokun Fatunmbi. He will go on and on and on… he will not stop. Now the second in the little row, Awo Falokun Fatunmbiis another matter. I do take exception to Awo Falokun’s innuendos that writing or comment on this relevant, newsworthy situation is “gossip”. Not to help me, not even to help yourself, but stand up and gather your courage so we can leave something of value to our children.


Therefore, anyone claiming this term is part of one of the 16 Laws of priest and priestesses of Orunmila is woefully mistaken as the word did not exist then. Wilson is not practicing what he preaches.

: Awo Falokun Fatunmbi: Books

Awo Falokun has not addressed the charges directly that I could findbut he has been consistently claiming there are those who are attacking him wrongfully and the latest is a long dissertation on gossip. December 27, at 8: To the issue of cyber bullying, the Congress of the Unites States has made it a crime to bully someone on the internet to the point where they commit suicide.

I also learned over time that one of the major themes of the group is to promote one religion or a merger of ATR with the branches of YTR and I’m on record as being vehemently against that concept.