Axe of the Dwarvish Lords (ADL) is a high level “mega-campaign” for characters of levels It’s also part of TSR’s new line of Tomes adventures (which have . In the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Axe of the Dwarvish Lords refers to both a powerful magic item and to an adventure module. Now, however, the Axe oftke Dwarvish Lords has hans- formed her into a strapping dwarf lass with lustrous black hair, ruddy skin, and well-muscled limbs.

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Taargick sensed the fear growing and he gathered the leaders of his people in a hidden cavern, remembered as the Conclave of the Final Deep and together they constructed a simple forge. The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords s seeks dwarf hands to wield it, and should it not find such a bearer, legend claims it reshapes its owner as it prefers. The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords rusts away to nothing if it is ever used by a goblin to behead a dwarven king. Centuries later, the dwarves still search for the axe, and many adventurers have made careers of chasing after rumors and plundering old vaults to find it.

If you are a dwarf attuned to the axe, you gain the following benefits: With ore they brought from the depths of their ancient homeland and strange new metals discovered on the surface they crafted a symbol of their people and poured into it their strength, resolve, legends, memories and the blessing of Torag.


The axe also functions as a belt of dwarvenkind, a dwarven thrower, and a sword of sharpness. The dragon killed the secret team Theocrat Ordrik sent to Jernashall’s ruins. Knowing the threat to his rising regime that the axe represented, Theocrat Ordrik hid it away deep beneath Droskar’s Crag.


Retrieved from ” https: If or intended destination is underground, there is no chance of a mishap or arriving somewhere unexpected.

His axe ended grudges and answered slights. Those who claim it should consider the following.

The axe has the following randomly determined properties: For thousands of dwarves, reaching the surface only convinced them that they should have stayed in the deep earth. The rightful inheritors passed the axe on for many generations. Most dwarven lords would pay any price to recover the axe, as doing dwzrvish would win them instant esteem and authority among their people, and just as many would do all that it takes lordds wrest the artifact from non- dwarf hands.

The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is a symbol of the pride and heritage of an entire people. Armed with the artifact, the prince returned to the dwarf clans and brought peace. Emblem of a People: You can’t use this property again until the next dawn. You can use an action to touch the axe to a fixed piece of dwarven stonework and cast the teleport spell from the axe.

Anyone who possesses the Axe aze the Dwarvish Lores for more than a week transforms into a dwarf 1d4 weeks later as if dwarvidh by the spell reincarnate. The only way to destroy the axe is to melt it down in the Earthheart Forge, where it was created.

Strong conjuration and transmutation. Seeing the peril his people faced, dqarvish young dwarf prince came to believe that his people needed something to unite them. If you are holding the axe, you can use your action to cast the conjure elemental spell from it, summoning an earth elemental.

It must remain in the burning forge for fifty years before it finally succumbs to the fire and is consumed. After seven days, the creature looks like a typical dwarf, but the creature neither loses its racial traits nor gains the racial traits of a dwarf. Any dwarf who holds it doubles the range of his darkvision.


This young dwarf is remembered as the First King. Many dwarves believe reclaiming the axe is vital to uniting their people and beginning a new age of dwarven ingenuity. Those dwarviish wield the axe for an extended period of time find themselves becoming increasingly hirsute, growing more accustomed to the dark, and dwarish changing height by up to an inch per week.

Dragons Unleashedp.

The sturdy haft of the dwarven waraxe called the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords shines with veins of silver and its two blades depict images of ancient dwarven glories. The sturdy haft of this dwarven waraxe glimmers lprds veins of silver, while the faces of its blades bear images of ancient glories.

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords – Multiversal Omnipedia

Venturing deep under the mountains, deeper than any dwarf had ever delved, the young prince came to the blazing heart of a great volcano. He convinced them that the traditions of the old nations might forge wonders from hte riches of the new world and emboldened them to face the challenges of the surface.

Even if the attunement ends, the curse remains. Later, in a dark era marked by treachery and wickedness, the axe was lost in a bloody civil war fomented by greed for its power and the status it bestowed.