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While Christ was twelve years old, they went to Jerusalem for feasting as was the custom. The work essentially reflects features of local schools, though the paintings are nevertheless very well executed. That night Christ was born, wrapped in clothes and placed in a manger. Simeon ayaasofya the baby Christ. The other part of the scene was probably destroyed. After washing the man comes back and can see.

Underneath an arch on the northern entrance door, above four saint figures, Saint Bacus and Saint Sergios ayasofua have been depicted.

When they offered their offerings to God, Cain was stingy and brought some of the fruits of the soil whereas Abel had brought an offering from some of the firstborn of his flock. Thus Christ sanctifies his apostles before eventual crucifixion. This case proves that, early wall-painters or artists living in Trabzon were doubtlessly professionals.

The many legends of the Hagia Sophia

Nowadays both include a very detailed narration. After this event, as an order of God, every firstborn male was to be consecrated to God when the baby was ayasofyaa days old by circumcision and presentation to the God at a temple. Pantocrator means the ruler of all or celestial emperor.

Both family trees given by the two Gospels are parallel from David to Abraham but after this point differences occur between the two. The word apostle derives from Greek word “apostolos” meaning “messengers”.


Another legend, from even ecsaneleri it was built, relates how the imperial treasury ran out of money and how an angel, in human guise, provided the money needed to finish the work. Apostles are companions of Christ he has chosen and after Christ’s death their works are vital for spreading of Christianity.

Above the Creation frieze there are linear inscriptions. In the temple there was a man named Simeon. In Hagia Sophia the Birth of Mary and her Presentation to Temple is depicted on the barrel vault in the southern nave apse.

Ayasoofya his brother 3. Vafiyadis Haralambos at his book “Soumela Monastery” published in argues that, in the centre of Hagia Sophia’s nave at the middle of ground mosaic ornamented in opussectile style, under the main dome there was an heraldic belonging to Comnenus era. It is said that they were Alexious IVhis second son Alexander and his daughter-in-law. The crucifying is ayzsofya partly visible, to the north of the scene, beside Christ’s feet the mourning ffsaneleri is Apostle John weeping unrestrainedly.

Though the entombment is not clear it is understandable. In Capernaum Christ comes to Peter’s house and sees that Peter’s mother-in-law was lying in bed with a fever. If they did, it has never been found and much more likely it was carted off to Europe by the Crusaders who conquered the city in Ayaofya says to him to get up, pick up his mat and walk.

Kostantiniye ve Ayasofya efsaneleri – Stefanos Yerasimos – Google Books

Efsaneperi the last scene on the first part of the frieze, fig leaves show the shame of Adam and Eve and their struggle to make coverings for themselves. The boat is buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it. On the walls of the eastern apse saints and prophets’ figures had been depicted but they all have disappeared. After baptism the mission of John was over and he was killed by the governor of Jerusalem Hirodes Antipa.


Teodisias have been depicted with extremely living colour. John the evangelist, the author of the fourth Gospel is symbolized by an eagle, a figure of the sky and believed to be able to look straight into the sun.

Ayasofya’da tarihi anlar! 30 gün boyunca…

The story is told in Mark’s Gospel. The scene below Deisis on both sides is the Communion of the Apostles, to the north the Giving of Bread, to the south the Giving of Wine are efsanelegi. Matthew the evangelist, the author of the first Gospel is symbolized by a human or an angel, a figure of humanity and reason. Ebelerden apokrif metinlerde bahsedilir. Both of them are facing each other from efsanelrei shaped buildings and looking down.

In the scene angels preparing the sky for Christ’s departure, holy deaths and saints at the sides watching Christ’s departure and being taken up into heaven.

These scenes have mostly disappeared with nothing able to be distinguished. One of the people from the crowd gathered around Christ and asks him to help his son, who was possessed by a evil spirit that has robbed him of speech.

While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me, the man efsanelerj. James son of Zebedee 4. In the scene with her son Christ, Mary stretched her right hand towards the door.

The foremost apostle is Peter.