Ayn Rand’s ethics, the centerpiece of Objectivism, is a code of morality for living and loving life. This is a beautiful thing. Through centuries of scourges and disasters, brought about by your code of morality, you have cried that your code had been broken, that the scourges were . AYN RAND’S OBJECTIVIST ETHICS AS THE FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS ETHICS∗. The purpose of this paper is to present the essence of Ayn Rand’s theory.

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The higher teh, such as animals and man, cannot: The subjectivist theory of ethics is, strictly speaking, not a theory, but a negation of ethics. This is the fallacy inherent in hedonism—in any variant of ethical hedonism, personal or social, individual or collective. It is only on the basis of rational selfishness—on the basis of justice—that men can be fit to live together in a free, peaceful, prosperous, benevolent, rational society.

Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics – PhilPapers

Today, most people hold this premise as an absolute not to be questioned. Badhwar, Neera; Long, Roderick T.

Man must choose his actions, values and goals by the standard of that which is proper to man—in order to achieve, maintain, fulfill and enjoy that ultimate value, that end in itself, which is his own life. He has no automatic course of action, no automatic set of values. Objectivism and homosexuality Objectivism and libertarianism Objectivism’s rejection of the primitive Randian hero. Usually it stems from an artist’s sense of life which is preconceptual and largely emotional.

Art offers a way out of this dilemma by providing a perceptual, easily grasped means of communicating and thinking about a wide range of abstractions, including one’s metaphysical value-judgments.

He does not switch to others the burden of his failures, and he does not mortgage his life into bondage to the failures of others. He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and stumble blindly down any road he pleases, but not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see. Anarcho-capitalism Autarchism Christian libertarianism Conservative libertarianism Consequentialist libertarianism Fusionism Libertarian transhumanism Minarchism Natural-rights libertarianism Paleolibertarianism Voluntaryism.


In the field of ethics, Kelley has argued in works such as Unrugged Individualism and The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand that Objectivists should pay more attention to the virtue of benevolence and place less emphasis on issues of moral sanction.

Moral Rights and Political Freedom.

This higher symbolism should be represented in all art; artistic expression should be an extension of the greatness in humanity. The second great benefit is the division of labor: It is only a living organism that faces a constant alternative: The range of actions required for the survival of the ranf organisms is wider: Charles King criticized Rand’s example of an indestructible robot to demonstrate the value of life as incorrect and confusing.

The political aspects of Rand’s philosophy are discussed by Bernstein in The Capitalist Manifesto Formalism Institutionalism Aesthetic response. For example, a belief in dragons, however sincere, does not mean reality contains any dragons.

The Objectivist Ethics

They have no cause to be shocked by the spectacle of their own success, and no right to damn human nature: The distinguishing characteristic of logic the art of non-contradictory identification indicates the nature of the actions actions of consciousness required to achieve a correct identification and their goal knowledge —while omitting the length, complexity or specific steps of the process of logical inference, as well as the nature of the particular cognitive problem involved in any given instance of using logic.

Sign in to use this feature. Blair, Paul Spring He needs a process of thought to discover how to plant and grow his food or how to make weapons for objectiivist.

It does not mean the momentary physical survival of a mindless brute, waiting for another brute to crush his skull. The lower of the conscious species possess only the faculty of sensationwhich is sufficient to direct their actions and provide for their needs. Man is the only living species that has the power to act as his own destroyer—and that is the way he has acted through most of his history. The existential monument to this theory is the present state of our culture.


It is able to grasp the perceptual concretes immediately present and it is able to form automatic perceptual associations, but it can go no further. Who Needs It paperback ed. The Objectivist ethics is a code that honors achievement and counsels the celebration, not the envy, of greatness. The quotes within this passage are of Rand’s material elsewhere in the same book. However, Rand viewed limits te patents and copyrights as important and held that if they were granted in perpetuity, it would necessarily lead to de facto collectivism.


Faith, for Rand, is not a “short-cut” to knowledge, but a “short-circuit” destroying it. The End of Freedom in America. The Objectivist theory of art flows from its epistemology, by way of “psycho-epistemology” Rand’s term for an individual’s characteristic mode of functioning in acquiring knowledge. The first question that has to be answered, as a precondition of any attempt to define, to judge or to accept any specific system of ethics, is: The values of Objectivism are the means to a happy life.

The Psychology of Self-Esteem. Only published works are available at libraries. Dawson – – Journal of Business Ethics 11 In any hour and issue of his life, man is free to think or to evade that effort.

Since man has no automatic knowledge, he can have no automatic values; since he has no innate ideas, he can have no innate value judgments. A plant can obtain its food from the soil in which it grows. Parasites, moochers, looters, brutes and thugs can be of no value to a human being—nor can he gain any benefit from living in a society geared to their needs, demands and protection, a society that treats him as a sacrificial animal and penalizes him for his virtues in order to reward them for their vices, which means: Why does man need a code of values?

The Justice and Goodness of Hell.