Find great deals for Aztek Testors A Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Aztek hobbytools in scale No, A released in 20?? | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Airbrushing. Aztek: All products, news and built models from company Aztek. A +. ActionsStash. No Ultimate Metal Airbrush Kit w/ Wood Case (Aztek A).

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Components For the asked money Aztek gives you a nice collection of tools. It’s part of the design of the Aztek airbrush to use the easiest to manufacture pieces to bring down the price of the brush. Just like a traditional air brush you still have to make adjustments to the nozzle control before you spray paint, sometimes with a Mac valve or positioning the needle in the chuck, etc, etc It’s not a problem of the user, it seems to be a problem of communication from Testors.

Aztek Airbrush Review ()

Your email address will not be published. When Aztek brushes first came out they were a revolution, I know the guy that demo’d them at the press launch. For the asked money Aztek gives z7778 a nice collection of tools. Also it fostered a feeling that it was a poor design. I could never get along with them. Easy to clean, not supposed to be taken apart to be repaired a nozzle that can be used with most other Aztek designs, the nozzle just for what you are doing and easy to put in take apart for cleaning in a material that allow you to leave it in acetone if that is what can solute the paint.

I had a batch of brushes with bodies that weren’t clipped together and couldn’t be as the moldings were so bad. What happens if she doesn’t float? Managed to pick up a load of nozzles from Hobbycraft a couple of years ago in a sale so the Aztec will carry on for a long time yet. The Aztek Master Professional Airbrush Set is ideal for general and pinpoint detail work, and gives you a modern, heavy duty airbrush system that provides both precision and durability.


Orders will only be dispatched once payment has been received. When it worked, it worked well, when it didn’t, there was nothing I could ever do to make it work except clean it and put it away, then try again months later.

I use my Aztek for mostly acrylic paints and have not used much in the way of “hot” solvents or cleaning fluids on it and it works for me.

I don’t know the design history of the Aztek line of airbrushes but I think they wanted to rethink airbrush design and did a fine job of it.

Menu Search Basket 0. A traditional metal bodied airbrush will gladly be immersed in a bath of cleaning fluids with little or no problem as long as rubber o seals are taken into account.

The whole process is so quick that I spent about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included. So if you drop it azyek smashes on it’s nose.

When the Aztek is immersed in cleaning fluids much past the metal ferrule in a “hot” cleaning fluid it will affect the plasticizers in that air tube and will cause a778 to deteriorate and eventually fail.

In the box you can find:.

For example difference between acrylic and non acrylic nozzle tip even finish of nozzle tip for acrylic paint helps to prevent clogging and gives it the right air flow.

A quick search will give you some clues http: I have four nozzles,fine,hi-flow,medium,splatter,3 sizes of cup Pm me your email and I’ll send you my work done with an Aztec Finescale header quote When a traditional brush user does this it forces paint and cleaning fluid past the “needle seal” in an Aztek airbrush.

Go to content Go to navigation. Sign in Already have an account? I predominately use the grey for black and sometimes the tan nozzle. Posted March 28, I think that many skilled airbrushists will skip this post as they probably have their experience with this brand or even with this particular airbrush gun.


Topnotch run a basic class where you get to use the Grex for an afternoon so its great to be able to put it through its paces before the big spend. I love the Aztek S that you sometimes can find under other brands.

They strongly advice you to use those tips as per instructions following the rules. For details of delivery costs and times by country please click here. I have not tried to take the tips apart, maybe some day when I get my hands on this set again.

Thanks for the advice and links guys. The one I had spare in case I ever needed to send my workhorse in for prepare. For full shipping details please see the delivery section of our website here.

Aztek Airbrush Review (7778)

I think that the final result depends more on the artist, his talent and skills he has than on the tools he uses. And the magic wheel for switching the action regime. I think the mindset of the designers was to design an airbrush that was easy to use by anyone, even those who had no experience.

As I mentioned before, the size of the set is asking for more, but I overestimated its potential. They took all the technical words out of the manual and replaced them with pictures which did make it easier for the complete novice to understand how to use it.

Aztek Testors A7778 Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case

It was fine as a starter airbrush for me but I’m glad I moved on. I have only the plastic or resin bodied Aztek air brushes, but I think this also applies to the metal bodied Azteks too because the internals are the same only the outside has changed not the internal workings. I’m going to have to give this some serious thought.