Babar Ahmad is a 37 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without- charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. On 13th July , Babar Ahmad stepped down onto British soil a free man. This website is no longer run. However, you can browse the archives, or go to. Muhammed Babar Uddin Ahmed Siddique started this petition to Government Support this petition being a human if really we know the meaning of humanity.

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Finally the goggles and ear mask were refitted. But as the website began covering other conflicts involving Muslim countries, Ahmad allowed two articles to be published on the site, which offered support petihion the then Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Not realising the significance of this error the officer decided to correct the mistake. For the next eight years, Ahmad fought against extradition in the UK and European courts. Do you have any questions? For the Anglo-American film director, see Babar Ahmed. Jones then applied two choke holds. Jihad is a noble act to defend and protect innocent people; it is not about killing innocent people. Upon his release he stated, “Eleven years of solitary confinement and isolation in ten different prisons has been an experience too profound to sum up in a few words here and now Ahmad came from humble beginnings.

They came back to the van holding blacked-out goggles ppetition ear muffs.

Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK – Petitions

Retrieved 19 July This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Ahmad told his lawyer, Kelly Barrett, what he had discovered. He says that, although he has been badly treated by both Britain and the US, his experiences have not radicalised him. Neither of these two defendants were interested in what is commonly known as terrorism He spent his spare time in the UK organising aid convoys and campaigning on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims.

Judge Hall described Ahmad as a “good person” who she believed posed no threat to the public and stated she had weighed the seriousness of his crime with his good character after reading thousands of letters of support and hearing from British prison officials who described him as an exemplary inmate.


Babar Ahmad

So I decided to record an audio cassette narrating their stories for them. But he just said: But before his transfer to the Supermax, he was again strip-searched in front of six officers, shackled and taken to a holding cell with walls covered in faeces and where the temperature was kept at C. Ahmad still believes in the ideal of jihad — banar right to defend Muslims ah,ed attack — but he says that he has never supported any act of terrorism.

Ahmad says he found it difficult to peetition to his newfound freedom, but has spent the past few months appreciating the simpler elements of life. Following widespread international media coverage of the revelation, the previous Secretary of State for JusticeJack Straw MP, announced in Parliament the day after the article was published that he had asked a retired High Court judge, Sir Christopher Roseto conduct an official inquiry into the affair.

And a story of how Britain blindly conspired with its ally to send Ahmad to the United States, despite knowing that there was no evidence to try him for the same crimes in the Prtition. It was the 27th night of Ramadan, and after missing 23 eids I was at last able to celebrate one with my family.

I really thought I was going to die. Retrieved 15 October Two of the officers punched me repeatedly on the head, face, ears and back. When I phoned them they repeated the request and suggested I would be paid for information.

He then went to university and obtained a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of London in No regime can survive without the support of the people. The time in prison has cost him his marriage and he has been pwtition of his career at Imperial. It was 11pm and the officers offered to drive him back to his south London home, 12 years babxr the same police force had dragged him from his bedroom and handed him over to American soldiers for trial in America.

Babar Ahmad parliamentary e-petition hits 100,000

He may have played a role in getting the cooperating witness ahmedd go to Afghanistan to get training, but even the cooperating witness acknowledges that, unlike what Mr. An hour into the flight the goggles and muffs were removed. But the scars left by his psychological struggles with the judicial systems of the US and Britain are more serious — and raise troubling questions for both countries.


And, like his friend Shaker Aamer, the years ahmev sleeping on a hard bed without a pillow have left his neck in permanent pain.

Ahmad was released in July and returned to the UK where Metropolitan Police officers welcomed him at London Heathrow Airport then dropped him home to his family. Doctors who examined Ahmad over the next seven days found that he had at least 73 injuries, including bleeding in petitikn ears and urine.

December Ahmad helps to set up the Azzam website to tell the world the biographies of his friends killed in the Bosnian war. The Americans had combed through hundreds of documents, which they used to bolster their accusations. He complained that officers had beaten him with fists and knees, stamped on his bare feet with boots, rubbed metal handcuffs on his forearm bones, sexually abused him, mocked the Islamic faith by placing him into the Muslim prayer position and bbar, “Where is your God now?

As Ahmad was led into the US building, the Americans told the Met officers to remove the mask and muffs. He does not harbour any grudges against his tormentors and instead hopes that his story will help forge better relations between the government and Muslim communities. The prosecutors immediately offered Ahmad a deal — plead guilty to the charge of using the website to support the Taliban and he would be back in Britain within months. As if to say that is why I was here now … It was clear he was looking for some kind of closure or revenge.

Within days of the massacre reports, Ahmad returned to Bosnia, where he was again involved in heavy fighting.