The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism [Bertrand Russell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism is a . 1. The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism. By. Bertrand Russell Bolshevism combines the characteristics of the French Revolution with those of the rise of. The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism has ratings and 12 reviews. P.J. said: In , Russia was a disaster scene. Hunger and misery were widespread.

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All this, as Dick Rempel puts it, is explanation rather than excuse. Let me suggest an analogy. Christian V rated it liked it Jun 26, It entertains dogmatic beliefs and bettrand people’s minds to scientific enquiry. Do you think I am right about Leonard Woolf? Lest anyone misunderstand I should add that LW is one of my minor heroes.

It requires vigor on the part of those who are acquiring power, without a too desperate resistance on the part of those whose share is diminishing. Kenneth Blackwell [blackwk mcmail. Nevertheless, he concludes that it was the right government for Russia at the time “because the possible alternatives are worse.

Under the circumstances Zinoviev was just the sort of person to arouse BR’s visceral anti-semitism visceral, because even then he was probably a bit ashamed of it. They were acquitted, but the stain would not wash out. Still he was like an uncle you never got along with but loved massively.

In this book Russell manages to be sympathetic and understanding with the Bolsheviks who, according to him, “deserve the gratitude and admiration of all the progressive part of mankind” but also critical sometimes very harsh at the same time.


And others I cannot recall at the moment. Peasants, the vast majority of the population, would have abandoned the cities under a democratic system.

Graham rated it it was amazing Jan 06, The Kalmyck predominates in his physionomy. We anx know that setting aside the anti-semitism annd raw reactions etc.

Why should he not mention this in his book? BR and others like him were not like Houston S. An excellent review of Communism in the early days of the Soviet Union An excellent description of the state of Communism in Russia while Lenin was still alive. But of course there’s a problem.

• The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism by Bertrand Russell

In fact, the Party was not so much remarkable for its Jewishness as for the high proportion of leading members from the MANY ethnic and racial minorities, Jews, Latvians, Poles, Georgians etc. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Ken obviously thinks it was Trotsky, but a much more likely candidate is Zinoviev. Charles Pigden asks about the occurrence of low-level anti-semitic remarks in Russell’s later letters: He could not take it out on on his wife or his friends so he took it out on Russell, accusing him of an ‘aristocratic’ anti-semitism, when the truth was that it was an anti-semitism shared by the upper middle-classes, including many of his closest associates.

Keynes chief disciple, Richard, Lord Kahn was jewish.

Chris Day rated it it was amazing May 17, About he seems to have decided that anti-semitism and other forms of racial and ethnic prejudice constituted a serious problem. No trivia or quizzes yet. She told me that they ceased with the rise of Nazism.

Tom Gennoy rated it it was amazing Aug 21, He claimed otherwise and obviously tried not to notice after all, they WERE his friends and were too prqctice to be anti-semitic in any deep or serious sense.


The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism

The book represents his attempt at a balanced view. Nor was he the only Jew to be on intimate terms with the leading Bloomsberries. BR’s allusions to Lady Ottoline 25 June about Rufus Isaacs later Lord Reading surely relates to his involvement with his brother Godfrey and Lloyd George in the Bertranf Scandal ofwhen they were accused of financial corruption in transactions of the Marconi Co.

But BR was happy to describe whole classes of people as evil and despotic etc, and to discuss the effects of philosophical beliefs on peoples’ mindsets, and to shock people about pratcice, bishops etc. Since he had alredy been imprisoned for opposing the British Empire there was no need to bring more trouble down on his head by attacking the eternal moral verities.

Want to Read saving…. My prejudices agaisnt postmodernism and the fact that some of the local postmodernists have a propensity for self-advertisement made them stand out in my recollection of the seminar. Another consideration may have influenced Russell.

He recommends that capitalist injustices be resisted non-violently and gradually, focussing on power at first, not money, and on “propaganda to make the necessity of the transition obvious to the great majority of wage earners.