Between Oxus and Jumna: A Journey in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan [Arnold J. Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus and Jumna [Arnold Joseph Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between Oxus And Jumna [Arnold Toynbee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Between the rivers of Oxus and Jumna (that is from Iran.

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This progressive spread of civilization from its birth-place in Traq to the ends of the Earth has turned the Oikoumene into a house of many mansions. In a few minutes we were enjoying our first sight of the mighty River Helmand flowing past below the windows of our lodgings. He presented history as the rise and fall of civilizations rather than nation-states or ethnic groups.

This is the four-square walled city that was laid out in the plain by Ahmad Shah Abdali, the eighteenth- century founder of the Kingdom of Afghanistan.

Full text of “Between Oxus And Jumna”

Oxford University Press 1 December Language: But, at this moment of unguarded exhilara- tion, the river god gave me a warning. Not so these Middle Kumna sheep: Such tracks are practicable for infantry and cavalry, and even for horse-drawn artillery.

Approaching Jamrud for the third time in my life this morning, I felt my spirits rise; for, at this my third attempt, I was to sail through that invisible pane at Torkham which had baffled me twice.

It mounts ajd on to a broad cultivated plain, and soon it crosses an imposing irrigation canal coming down from the opposite quarter to the Tarnak valley, which has now dropped out of sight. Well, my hopes are high; for I know, from past ex- perience, that a firsthand glimpse can sometimes speak volumes.


And the mid-point of this oxue was the place where travellers preferred to cross him until Akbar broke with the ancient custom. And through it all the Arghandab flows gracefully in sinuous ribbons of blue water between sinuous bands of yellow sand.

In the Pre-British Age, they were kept on their toes by having to hold with the sword what they had jukna won by it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. On our return journey, after re-descending to the plains, we escaped, at Haripur, from the dull high road and turned westward to take an alternative route skirting the east bank of the River Indus.

Wherever the surface has been tilted and tormented in these ways, there is water. David O’malley rated it liked it Aug 14, By five minutes past three I was looking at Asia from Istanbul airport, and the Sun was setting be- betwesn us below Thrace.

A voice sounded in my dazed ears, and the voice said golden words: The differences between their geographical situations sort them out into two classes. Qnd Rajput princes who gave the word of command were figures from the ancient world, and, with the rest of the ancient world, they are being swept out of the swiftly changing India of our day.

Kapisha-Kanish, astride the confluence of the Ghorband and Panjshir rivers, was a key-point in the military operations in the momentous year b.

Not a bit of it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But there is one that curves south-westwards all the way from the Koh-i-Daman to Qandahar, and another that runs south and north from the Hamun-i-Helmand through Herat to the great plains of the Oxus-Jaxartes basin.


But Vivana saved the situation for Darius at the last ditch. They repeated this performance at shorter and shorter intervals. At this moment he is on the Atlantic, with an American super-automobile among his baggage. It has become a piece of America inserted into the Afghan landscape. But this spoke volumes. The flock swims; the Indus flows; I could stand here, watching them both, all day.

Between Oxus and Jumna

At least half of the uncounted millions of war dead who have given their lives since the institution of war came into existence must have died fighting for a bad cause. The Kushan Empire was the thoroughfare along which Buddhism made its way from India, through what are now Soviet Central Asia and Sinkiang, to the north-west corner of China.

Yet the history that hits you in the eye when you are on the spot is the history of religion, not of warfare. No more elephants, no more victorious campaigns in India.

1961 Between Oxus and Jumna by Toynbee s

In the course of the last nineteen centuries the Kushan Empire has had more than one avatar. The Rajasthan desert is magically productive. Dan Waniek rated it it was amazing May 31, This lake-ringed Rajput capital has been painted, photo- graphed, and described so many times in the course of the last years that a repetition would be boring.

The plain ends, the fields die away, and we are dodging through a stormy sea of chocolate-coloured rocks and reefs.