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But base wisdom emanates foul smell from the bhal as a result of ill and bad words spoken. Even the six philosophical scriptures do not have the glory and grandeur of the divine rad ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Baalak Pai Naad Baad Sabad Bidhaan ChaahaiAnahad Dhouni Roun Jhoun Srouti Srot Hai Just as a child is unable to explain the notes of music in various modes, similarly a Guru-conscious person who listens to the unstruck music cannot describe its sweetness and melody.

Jaisay Tau Majeetth Basudhaa Sai Khodi KaaddheeataAnbar Surang Bhaay Sang N Tajat Hai As the red colouring agent of a Rubiaceous plant is extracted from the bottom part of its bgai, and the clothes coloured with it become beautiful to behold, while the colour does not fade; ”’ 7 ‘7 ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Millions of calmnesss seek His refuge and are amazed.

Jaisay Maataa Pitaa Sout Soukh Doukh SogaanandaDoukh Soukh Mai N Taisay Sout Tthaharaavaee As parents feel delighted on the happy occasions of their children and are distressed when they face tribulations, but the children do not feel the reciprocal intensity for their parents; ‘ ” 3: Similarly good and evil persons may look alike outwardly but gudras good and bad characteristics can be known by keeping their com” 15 8 4: The wondrous elixir obtained as a result of his love for the Lord is far more fragrant than the Sandalwood.


All ratings All ratings 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. All platforms All platforms PC Mobile. Despite coming out of the same ocean, the goodness of nectar and harm of poison is not the same. One cannot even make an estimate or a gu 7 ”? Such a True Guru is beyond count. He adopts silence and is free from all other desires. In the union of consciousness and divine word, one enjoys the benefit of trading in the jewel like Naam.

The praise of such glimpse is ateek, most wondrous and marvellous.

Steke a human mind acquires good traits in the company of good persons and ill traits when ‘ ‘ ” ” ‘ 15 6 4: The Yogis, householders, river Ganges the river of the gods and the whole world devotion craves for the dust of the feet of su,, ‘ 7 3: This app can Access your Internet connection and act as a server.

Fixed many random crashes on Android Pie. The Weather 14 days Rated 4. Such a servant acknowledges the presence of one Lord everywhere. Jaai Panch Dokh Niradokh Mokh Paavai KaisayGurmukhi Sahaj Santokh Hui Achhot Hai 19 8 A person who has all the five senses of knowledge and is also deeply infected by the five vices of relishment, smell, hearing, touch and seeing, how can he achieve salvation that is viceless.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Shabdarth Te Viyakhya Part 1

Gurmukhi Sabad Surati Liv SaadhasangiParamadabhout Praym Pooran Pragaasay Hai Supernatural love grows in the heart of an obedient disciple of the Guru when he lodges the divine word in his consciousness and keeps the company of holy men.

Organize the favorites, export them for future reference and import them as required. He then becomes wise to understand the principles of spirituality.

They become noble and worthy persons from their ill bred and low status. Grandeur of such True Guru befits only Him and nobody can gugdas Him. On the contrary the company of ” ‘ ‘ 17 4 4: Gurdass Khoi Khojee Hoi Khojat Chatur KountaMrig Mad Jougati N Jaanat Pravays Kai Just as a deer keeps wandering and searching for the musk that he keeps smelling and is unaware of the means to find it, so would a seeker keep wandering till he meets with True Guru and learns the way of God-realisation.


By virtue of divine sight of the True Guru, they acquire the wisdom of loving worship.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Teeka by Sant Sampuran Singh Part 2

The mortal beings become immortal. But this truth can only be realised when love resides in the mind. Niraahaar Niraadhaar Nirankaar NirabikaaraNihachal Nihabhraati Nirabhai Niraasee Hai He is free of all desires of taste, not dependent on the grace of gods and goddesses, transcendental of form, independent of all support, free of kabif and doubts, kxbit and stable of mind.

Please add presentation view for the app that would allow this app to be used in Gurdwara Sahib. Union of consciousness with Guru’s word is truth. It’s hangs in between and I’m unable to get daily hukumnama sahib ji He also attains the ultimate spiritual state.

They are so handsome and beautiful that millions of beautiful forms are nothing before them. Enchanting tunes of all the musical modes and their consorts are heard in the ears. Adham Asaadh Jaisay Baarounee Binaas KaalaSaadhasang Gang Mili Sujan Bhilaakhaee 15 5 A lowly person and a sinner desires for liquor on his death eteek, while a noble person desires company of noble and saintly persons when time for this departure from the world approaches.

It drenches everyone with such hue of Naam Ras that it opens the path for mergence into the Lord.