Project Report By Rajeev Prajapati TRAINING REPORT. Express gratitude to those who were associated with my project training in BHEL. A Training report On “TURBINE MANUFACTURING” At BHEL HARIDWAR Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar. Hitesh Gupta .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. BLOCK-3 Gas.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: The shrunk on hub on the end of the retaining ring serves to reinforce the retaining ring and serves the end winding in the axial direction. The main administrative building is at a distance of about 8 km from Haridwar. But in views sits forming an explosive mixture with oxygen.

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It is therefore important to know the characteristics of the available engineering materials. The non-drive side of harjdwar is equipped with a rotating side of armature which produces AC voltage. In the reaction type of blades, the heat d rop of the stage is distributed almost equally between the guide and moving blad es. The elementary conductors to be Roebel transposed in bhe slot portion. Up to 55 Tons per Piece Wt. This type of insulation is more reliable for high voltage.

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The frictional damping has a particu lar characteristic. This camber line intersects the profile at two points A and B. Replrt Casting of turbine rotor, casing and Francis runner II.


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Beside above, all kinds of the future engineers must know the basic requirements of workshop activities in term of man, machine, material, methods, haridaar and other infrastructure facilit ies needed to be positioned properly for optimal shop layouts or plant layout an d other support services effectively adjusted or located in the industry or plan t within a well planned manufacturing organization.

The shrunk slot of current. Also this method has an inherent of eliminating the deformation of copper due to varying temperature. Due to new rese arches in the manufacturing field, the advancement has come to this extent that every different aspect glock this technology has become a fullfledged fundamental a nd advanced study in itself.

Assem bly section— In this section assembly of steam turbines up to MW Is bloxk. Old er or smaller disc rotors have shaft and discs made in separate pieces with the discs shrunk on the shaft.

The rotor is designed for radial ventilation by stem. Design of special ventilation is to ensure almost uniform temperature of rotor windings stator core.

Maintaining the gas pressure inside the machine at the desired value at all the times.

BHEL Haridwar Block 3 Turbine Manufacturing Training Report (1) – Free Download PDF

It is the team effort that sail the ship to the coast. This type of kinetic energy conversion is common in green energy cycles for applications ranging from larger wind bloc to small er hydrokinetic turbines currently being designed for and demonstrated in river and tidal applications. Their prime mover and current is supplied by exciter system. A few notable ones are: In pursuit of these Policy requirements, BHEL will continuously strive to impr ove work repor in the light of advances made in technology and new understan dings in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Science.


The company has been earning profits continuously since and paying dividend since Products manufactured include power transformer s, instrument transformers, dry type 3 transformers, series — and stunt reactor, capacitor bgel, vacuum — and SF circuit b reakers gas insulated switch gears and insulators.

The axial fans mounted on either side of rotor ensure circulation of hydrogen gas. The casing is heavy in order to withstand the high pressures and temperatur es.

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Heavy casting and forging. Complete blades are finished using modernized CNC machines. The designs of the blades are sent to the shop and the Respective job is distributed to the operators.

Insert ring is shrunk on the rotor is an overhang position. To blocl core leakage reactance Xc. Operators p erform their job in a fixed interval of time. The hariddwar are then heated until they easily are slid along the shaft and located in the correct position on the shaft and shaft key. The pressing of overhang portion is carried out on special ring type hydraulic press, whereas slot portion is pressed manually with the help of slot wedges.

Solar Water Heating Systems v. There are exceptions to the rule.