Largest category of Cycling Clothing. From A to Z we have all your biking. Clearance cycling gear slashed for hugh savings. Deals up to 70% off, hurry. For great deals on mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes and more for all terrains and Bikes & Frames.

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My experience has been that most of their stuff is at the lower end of the quality scale and I can usually get just as good a deal on equipment through my team’s shop. Nahsbar antidote was to buy Supergo, nahbar while Performance says it won’t make changes, I’ll wager than the days of huge savings on Look pedals and Shimano derailleurs are numbered.

They hire 16 year old kids to work in their service department, and it shows. I use boutique email addresses for every vendor I deal with.

It’s all the other stuff, like lights, and tubes, and tires, and fenders and clothes and shoes that keeps the business going. Founder of Nashbar – Garry Snook: Selling bikes is just a way for shops to sell accessories for the bikes.

Don’t give out the Nashbar secret! Recently, a woman at Bike Nashbar denied they were ever named Bike Warehouse. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s rep has a lot of other services jashbar or she provides, like free sales training for employees.


Some companies have MAPs, or minimum advertised prices. Now, that sounds like a lot, but generally speaking, a mountaineering store, or a running store will have a lot of money in overhead, wages, utilities, rent, etc.

Cycling Clothing | Bike Nashbar

Nato remarked, as a bike mechanic, that margins on bicycles, especially the high end ones, are much lower than for clothing and accessories. So what did he do? And LBS has to get their stuff from a distributor.

Bicycle parts on sale at Bike Nashbar. Performance so reminds me of the Standard Oil Company in its early days. Newer Post Older Post Home. Why in the world don’t they have one website then?

Then suddenly they started arriving with the logo Bike Nashbar on them. An unsurpassed product selection – The best prices in cycling – Customer service that will exceed your expectations. As a consumer I have my favorites. Performance is really huge. Nashbar Carbon Cyclocross Frame and Fork. We go through dozens of boxes of tubes every summer. What does the bike shop advertise when it advertises. And do you think that percentage can account for low labor costs in any way?


Bikes & Frames

Nashbar expanded its offerings and distributed catalogues overseas. The difference is, Nashbarf buys something like LX rear derailers cztalog from Shimano, so they get a very, very good deal.

My girlfriend is a chef at an Italian restaurant. I appreciate the time you put into this comment. I don’t know about the rest, but I do like working on my bike and learning things myself. Those are expensive bikes, but the bike shop owner doesn’t pay the invoice immediately.

nasybar The website appeals to a primarily male, somewhat wealthy, more educated audience. The rep is an independent businessman who probably serves a territory, and gets a percentage of sales, as well as a lot of incentive payments, in exchange for managing the entire process for the manufacturer. Sometimes I wonder how some companies stay in business. First of all, the manufacturers give a lot of trade credit on the bikes.

After you sell one box, that pays for the next two. They don’t nike a discount on the remaining inventory to help hold margins.