Mind magic from Bill Dekel – Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your. This may just turn out to be the trick of ” – Jim Klodzen. Bill Dekel is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bill Dekel and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world.

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Air Writer

The effect is completely impromptu, and you need dkel to perform it other then yourself. Your spectator thinks of a state, and then you open the prediction to show the same state. You can tell them what it is. Without writing or fishing of any sort. It fits in perfectly with a number of different cold reading techniques, as is detailed in the book.

You play Rock Paper Scissors with your spectator and win every time. Madness — A spectator just thinks of a color and mentally projects it onto a business card. A powerful cold reading presentation. Gift Ideas View the range. If there is a PS4, this deserves a chapter in it.

Click to leave a voice review. Playing Cards View the range. You then have the third spectator look at the first spectator’s actual card. Frequently bought together with: Time Warp The spectator names a minute and an hour, and a watch on the table changes to that time.

Spectators make a list of names. Due to the structure and the principles behind the Direct system, this is now entirely possible. Instead of failing about every 1 in 3 or 4 times as you would with a traditional psychological force, bilo using the Direct principle, your failure rates will drop to only about 1 in 15 to as low as 1 in 30, and even then Direct incorporates a set of impromptu propless safety nets to allow you to perform without fear.


Dekle then know what number they are thinking of. Your spectator writes a number and one letter of any thought of card in the air and you reveal what it is. They open an invisible book to any page, remember any word on the page, and you were right.

Your spectator just thinks of a time. Coming Soon View the range.

This, as well as almost every effect in Direct can be used eekel the phone. Bonus — My personal way to perform mind reading for a group on the fly, in seconds. Any book, any ddkel, any time. What’s New View the range. Frequently bought together with: Failure to do this will result in a delayed or failed transaction. Without looking at the pad, without touching the pad, without even turning around, the mentalist asks the spectator to pick up the book, flip to that page, and remember a word.

You can apply this to book tests, drawing duplications, PIN number revelations Dekle stock – available for immediate dispatch. Direct Bill Dekel “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see this employed as standard practice with psychological forces in the years to follow — It would be ridiculous not to use it. Welcome to true mind reading.

MindCraft: Visions

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. S Units in Stock Sale Price: Direct utilizes a unique structure for presenting psychological forces that triggers 3 events unbeknownst to your spectators all of which work to give you the best possible results. Accessories View the range. Magic Tricks View the range. This is the third and last part in Bill Dekel’s “MindCraft” series. No words are spoken. The Fairer — A one or two choice number force.


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Interview With Bill Dekel – Co Creator of Airwriter

Dekeel double writing, pocket writing, or boons. Prime v2 Your spectator thinks of a word, and then makes one or two free changes to it, and then you are able to predict or name the word they are only thinking of.

Direct — The namesake presentation that can be used anywhere, anytime if someone asks you to read their mind. You will see the bank details once you have placed the order.

If the information you have filled in does not match your bank details the payment can bil, be completed. Click to leave a voice review.

You then know what number they are thinking of. Visions If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, dekle it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us.

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