Hispid beetles Brontispa longissima are palmivorous insects (Creighton , Lever , in He et al. /06). The larvae and adults are. The coconut hispid beetle Brontispa longissima (Gestro) was accidentally introduced into Western Samoa in Consequently in several beneficial . PDF | On May 1, , Mario Navasero and others published The Coconut Leaf Beetle, Brontispa longissima (Gestro) (Chrysomellidae.

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With descriptions of new species. Waterhouse and Norris briefly reviewed the biology of B. Extract powders were diluted with acetone for laboratory bioassays or in distilled water for semi—field trials.

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Severe infestations may result in the complete defoliation of the palm Lu et al. In extreme cases, damage can completely arrest the development of young palms and may even kill them Brown and Green, Toxicity and control effect of avermectin on the palm leaf beetle, Brontispa longissimaChinese Bulletin of Entomology 44 4: Large areas of the brontiwpa break off leaving the foliage partially skeletonized and its brpntispa photosynthetic tissue may in extreme cases be reduced to virtually nothing.

Annals of the Entomological Society of America 5: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. South Pacific Commission Information Circular, It is most probably that the Brontispa infestation originated from adult or immature stages of the pest that were concealed in these palms, as Brontispa is believed to be endemic to the Indonesian and Papua New Guinean region.

In addition, recommendations were made to remove and burn seedlings. Anzeiger fur Schadlingskunde and Pflanzenschutz. No damage occurred in regions of West Java with high rainfall, although the beetle has been found in these areas Kalshoven, Frequent applications of high lomgissima of spray, in excess of that required to provide satisfactory levels of control, caused slight phytotoxicity; growth and longiswima production of new fronds was retarded.


Prohibition of the movement of host palm seedlings including ornamental palms and potential habitat material, including palm produce eg: Body color varies from reddish-brown to almost vrontispa sometimes elytra are brown or black, or have a spindle-shaped black marking on the elytral suture.

The experiment started in early July Biocontrol Science and Technology, 22 8: Northern Territory of Australia: There are 4 small spinules on the lower ridge more widely spaced than those on the upper ridge. It does not matter if the pest is B. A seta arises from about the middle of the lateral margin of each thoracic segment, with two setae on each of the abdominal lateral processes.

Hispine Pests of Palms

It is suspected that this pest was accidentally introduced into Vietnam, the Maldives and the Philippines with shipments of ornamentals. The application method longissma also more suitable and less laborious compared to the previously used chemical ‘Sevin’.

With the national economy heavily dependent on the tourism industry – the majority of the Maldivians directly or indirectly depend on this sector – the risk of spread and longsisima impact of the pest is a major concern for the government. The head and antennae are black and a small part of the wing cover is yellow-brown.

Pests and other fauna associated with plants, with botanical accounts of plants.

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Llongissima of Brontispa in Celebes by the parasite Tetrastichodes of Java. The shortest mean generation time Laterally on segments bearing a group of closely placed spinules bearing moderately long setae, the spinules being less prominent on segmentsor 3. Biological characteristics of Asecodes hispinarum Brontospa Hymenoptera: Palms weakened by attack are more susceptible to drought and disease Waterhouse and Norris, Seedlings, mature coconut trees and ornamental palms are all affected; however, palms up to five years old are lonfissima the greatest risk of infestation by the coconut hispid beetle ASEAN IPM ; PestNet In North Sulawesi, the main damage caused by Brontispa occurs on young, year-old palms, which are not yet fruiting.


A potential invasive pest for India. Brontispa reicherti Brontispa simmondsi Oxycephala longipennis Oxycephala longissima Brontispa castanea Brontispa froggatti Brontispa longissimavar.

Moore Takasu et al.

An invasive pest Brontispa longissima Gestro Coleoptera: Brontispa additionally occurred in Bali, but was of little significance. Pathway Lack of strict quarantine on the movement of palms particularly ornamentals is considered as a major factor in the spread of B.

Response of Brontispa longissima to coconut palm Cocos nucifera leaf volatiles. For some smaller coconut trees and ornamental plants nearby, some sort of basal application of longissina insecticides is used. Retrieved from ” https: PCA initiated an aggressive and sustained information campaign; conducted emergency control activities using pesticides; and trained personnel and farmers on available control strategies.

In extreme cases, damage can completely arrest the development of young palms and may even kill them Brown and Green, In Hong Kong, it is also reported from ivory nut palm Phytelephaspetticoat palm Washingtonia robustaking palm Archontophoenix alexandrae and dwarf date palm Phoenix roebelenii CSK Lau, Agriculture and Fisheries Department, Hong Kong, personal communication, Coconut leaves with 30 eggs dipped into acetone were used as control.

The internal rate of return exceeds 40 per cent for a ten year period. Habitat Description Temperatures broontispa 24 and 28 deg;C are favourable for the growth of longissia beetle Yihai et al.

The battle against Brontispa continues

Two cryptic species in the coconut hispine beetle, Brontispa longissima. The outbreak ended in The pests of some cultivated plants in Netherlands New Guinea. Applied Entomology and Zoology 45 1: