I was reminded that event after having read a few pages of Bruce Rozenblit’s new book, Audio Reality: Myths Debunked Truths Revealed. Like the solid clunk. Buy a cheap copy of Audio Reality book by Bruce Rozenblit. Written by an industry insider and manufacturer, this book gives the consumer essential knowledge. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Audio Reality by Rozenblit, Bruce and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Doug Schneider das soundstage. Be the first to write a review. Please sign in to continue. While voicing my complaint concerning the book’s title and it its contents to my wife, Anna, she replied that An Insider’s Guide to Tube Audio Design would be a better choice. Throughout the book, but particularly in the introduction and the last words of the book, he gives us his views concerning these doings, his philosophy of audio design; hence, the title Audio Reality.

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Bruce Rozenblit (Author of Beginner’s Guide to Tube Audio Design)

Audio Online Main Page. May Book Review: We will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Ideas sometimes stray, and much more information gets presented than the section headings would indicate. I would like to receive emails with the latest releases, great offers and exclusive content Privacy Collection Statement. We also noticed that you have previously shopped at Bookworld.

This is the email address that you previously registered with on angusrobertson. It is here that Rozenblit explains all of his current designs, including his OTL amps, Grounded Grid Preamp, Super Compact watt amplifier and even throws in a couple designs that he is not building commercially — the Single-Ended with Slam amplifier and Grounded Grid Cascode Phono preamp.

Newsletter Be the first to know, sign up for our newsletter: You can find this item in: You can also mark books that you’re reading, or want to read. Some may think that Rozenblit is anti-high-end, but that is hardly the case.


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Audio reality

Rozenblit does not hedge his answers or hide his low regard for the sillier fringe of the hobby. The designs were sort of surprising given that Rozenblit is a youngish-looking guy who appears to have graduated with a degree in electrical engineering not too long ago. Hi There, Did you know that you can save books into your library to create gift lists, reading lists, etc? But he does question the need to go that far. Part two of the book is “Projects,” and it is as valuable a read as the first part.

For example, he discusses why he feels negative feedback in amplifier design can be a good thing, but the marketing of some amplifiers would tell you otherwise! I would personally like to see Rozenblit produce a straightforward how-to book with exact details on how to build each product from start to finish. We also noticed that you have an account on Bookworld. I remember in college the engineering student saying, “Sure I love physics too, but what are you going to do with it to make a living?

Rozenblit’s book, I was reading solid tube-audio related text.

I was reminded that event after having read a few pages of Bruce Rozenblit’s new book, Audio Reality: Rozenblit, as he has a very healthy outlook on the endeavor called high-end audio, which he refers to as “…. There was not a single part that confused me, nor will any of it likely confuse others. While the book gives some fairly thorough background and theory on these designs, it is not a paint-by-numbers instruction manual on building them.

Through some 60 pages of text and graphics, Rozenblit explains basic concepts for understanding audio engineering, including descriptions of electricity, conductors, resistance, capacitors, inductors, impedance, skin effect, etc. If there is something to criticize in this it is the fact that Rozenblit jams so much of this information in that it can be a tad difficult to absorb fully. The information is intended for all audiophiles, to give them a requisite understanding of the science that is part of audio.


For example, he refers to “break-in” when talking about his amplifiers in part two of the book, but I would have like to have seen him address the concept specifically in the first part.

The truth is, as he explains, there are no easy right and wrong answers, and one way is not always the best. In the realiyy, he produced this book.

He also discusses the intricacies of RCA connectors “. Besides, I find it all the more important to have the information than not. Ask him a question he feels qualified to answer, and you will get an answer. So in the end is the content really controversial? Audio Reality by Bruce Rozenblit. Rozenblit’s attempts to present the more sober side of tube audio, the orzenblit bulk of electrical engineers will see him as being part of the fringe.

Audio Reality : Myths Debunked Truths Revealed by Bruce Rozenblit (1999, Paperback)

Rozenblit emphatically aufio on the subject of balanced cables: Home Gardening International Subscriptions. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Feature Article May Book Review: Here you can mark if you have read this book, reading it or want to read. He also explains things like single-ended and balanced connections, negative feedback, dynamic range, power cords, grounding, biwiring and quite a bit more.

Do you want cost-no-object reslity quality and construction, or do you want something that will get you most of the way there? The real point of the book is to point out that you can build a truly aydio system for a very moderate investment through a thorough understanding of the components involved. Still, I find the title ill-fitted to a book that recommends common sense and frugality as needed virtues in a hobby as weird, farcical, and irrational as Audio can be at times.