Course Curriculum of the Department of Electrical and Electronic. Engineering. COURSE OFFERED BY EEE DEPARTMENT. EEE Electrical Circuits I. The department of EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) is nationally and Part time teachers are mostly the senior teachers of BUET (Bangladesh and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to. Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]. Please download the syllabus: Undergraduate Program · Postgraduate Program. Copyright © Rajshahi University Of Engineering And.

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Study of practical problems in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering. Classification of signals and systems: Analysis of single phase AC circuits: The efficient professionals can only contribute for the growth of the country. Vector control, linear motors and traction.

Uncontrolled and controlled single phase sylpabus three phase. Feb 2nd, Nuclear medicine and allied sciences in Bangladesh: Employers and Employees; inter-professional relationship: It first started as a survey school and gradually became Ahshanullah Engineering College.

Frequency Management and Channel Assignment: Loss of load probability and loss of energy probability. It plays a multidimensional role in the development of Bangladesh.

In our section A, I was alone from my college, actually alone from my college in the whole university at that time. It becomes the national advisor in technical affairs of the country.


PHY Physics Sessional 1. Colloquial and standard, informal and formal. Channel models and capacities and random selection of codes. This helps us to start up my own business as a engineering firm, Dexterous engineering. Generators, conduction pump and induction pump.

They are performing with great zeal burt zest and introducing new forms of technology in the lines of modern electronics. In this sector, whatever the development we have achieved is the output of BUET engineers.

Miniature circuit breakers and fuses. Fundamentals, spectrum utilization, fundamentals of channel assignment, fixed channel assignment, non-fixed channel assignment, traffic and channel assignment. Cost planning and control, budget and budgetary control. Sinusoidal single phase RLC circuits: One was Condensing Economizer for Boiler.

Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology- [EEE Department]

It is beyond doubt that the students of BUET have a lot of knowledge about mathematics or other subjects like English. Ede switches, switched capacitor circuits including unity gain buffer, amplifier and integrator.

Introduction to quantum mechanics: Sessional based on ME But it is true that BUET is always better and its standard is always high.

Laws in magnetic circuits: Single phase transformer- equivalent circuit and syllzbus testing, introduction to three phase transformers. Basic elements of DC and AC signal conditioning: Introduction to discrete time processes, Mean-square error estimation, Detection and linear filtering.

Syllabks domain analysis of LTI systems: A huge number of graduates are performing in the electricity sector of the country. State equations of digital systems with sample and hold, state equation of digital systems, digital simulation and approximation.


I was the student of BUET.

In my college life, I was the centre of all discussion, everybody would come to me, felt proud talking to me. Solution of differential bueh of the higher buer when the dependent or independent variables are absent. History and development of Engineering Ethics. Modern telephone services and network: Production planning and control PPC functions, quantitative methods applied in production, quality management, location and layout planning safety and loss management.

I think BUET performed the responsibility sincerely. Electromechanical, electronic and digital Relays: Optical properties in semiconductor: Though it huet not be possible to repay in similar way as the developed country, still the engineering professionals have the responsibilities towards our beloved motherland as the county has invested for them.

Rectifier circuits, voltage multipliers, Van-de-Graaf and electrostatic generators.

Syllabus [Dept. of EEE]

At wherever we look at engineering advancement we can see there is an involvement of BUET and its students. Half wave and full wave rectifiers, clipping and clamping circuits, regulated syllabjs supply using Zener diode.

Measurement of non-electrical quantities: