Buffettology has ratings and 67 reviews. David said: A beginners guide to value investing21 April I just clicked on Mary Buffett’s name on. David Clark and Mary Buffett’s bestselling book Buffettology, as the name suggests, belongs to the latter category, but the reason it stands out is. Buffettology by Mary Buffett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I really enjoyed the first part of the book. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. His ideas of how to value companies were all shaped by how the Great Crash and the Depression almost destroyed him, and he was always a little afraid of what the market can do. The answer buuffett yes: In a Forbes article, which the book quotes, Charlie Munger summarized Berkshire Hathaway’s strategy as follows:.

If you are looking for some ground-breaking Buffett investment revelation in this book, you’ll be disappointed. Yesterday, I completed the book: It is a measure of how profitable a company is able to deploy its equity. Buffett is an international speaker, entrepreneur, political and environmental activist, and has appeared on television as one of the top finance experts worldwide.

In the end if that company collapses in a heap of debt, then in that piece of paper or the representation of that piece of paper is absolutely worthless.

Buffettology : Mary Buffett :

For over twenty years, David Buffeftology has been considered the world’s leading authority on the subject of Warren Buffett’s investment methods. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. In Buffett’s own words:. Sometimes stocks WB buys increase to above intrinsic value but WB doesn’t sell as its intrinsic value is growing faster than the rest of the market.

To figure this out, you’ll need to estimate how much a company should realistically be worth five years from now, and such an estimate is only possible if a company has consistent earnings.

Buffettology is worth your time to learn. I know this book was written in so for someone who read it init’s really outdated.

The New Buffettology is the first guide to Warren Buffett’s selective contrarian investment strategy for exploiting down stocks — a strategy that has made him the nation’s second-richest person. This is the first book on Buffett that I read, it is highly educational, together with Warren Buffett’s own words of wisdom Berkshire Hathaway shareholders letters that are available free online, it gives you an introduction to how Warren Buffett thinks.


What you will find in this book is what I have found to be bufrettology to ubffettology elsewhere. This explains basic compounding and the importance of role played by ROE in an investment decision etc.

I’d say it clearly is the work of an ex family member, trying hard My biggest issue with the market is that buffwttology tries to make concrete some future point that may not come about, yet people will hold onto those suppositions as if they were true. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lessons from Buffettology (Summary)

For the casual reader though, its the first half which is interesting as it provides an insight into the mind of the world’s most successful investor. But he was a very good writer and a very good teacher and a brilliant man, one of the only intellectuals — probably the only intellectual — in the investing business at the time. So what is the main characteristic of a wonderful business?

The most successful investor of all time. Perhaps the most annoying tic is to ascribe Corporate Finance ideas to Mr. Buffett is an international speaker, entrepreneur, political and environmental activist, and has appeared on television as one of the top finance experts worldwide. The initial way he approached this was to start his own investment partnership. This is a great investing book for novices as well as studiers of Warren Buffett. Jan 07, Christian rated it really liked it.

Every businessman should read this book. Rather than quote Warren Buffett’s shareholder letters to death like most authors, Mary sticks to the details of Warren’s investments, how he made each choice and how it worked out.

My copy never leaves my desk. I have a different edition. Potential investors will discover: This book explains one of the reasons why Warren Buffet became the most successful investor. Some say that Buffett’s success is not just due to the fact that he is a great stock picker, but also because he has been able to finance his investments with cheap money. Buffett used this float to massively increase the amount of buffrttology available for investments, which drastically increased his absolute returns.


The New Buffettology

Since then we’ve seen the mafy bubble burst, the collapse of Enron, and investors scrambling to move their assets — what remains of them — back to the safety of traditional blue chip companies. You also have to be able to live off of a fraction of your earnings until you start to really roll in the dosh — that means patience and a willingness to forego instant gratification.

This is the cornerstone of the value investing strategy. buffeettology

Jul 23, David Sarkies rated it did not like it Recommends it for: About Mary Buffett For over twenty years, Mary Buffett has been considered a leading authority on the subject of Warren Buffett’s investment methods. When not consumed with matters of finance, he is engaged in the second great passion of his life, which is trial law and maintains an active national practice.

The other issue that I have with the book was the calculations that were being put forward, and these were using a term call ‘future value’ which is a vague figure at some point in the future which only comes about through predictions and speculations. Buffett was a student of Benjamin Graham, and has earned a place in the top 3 richest people on earth by applying sound value investing principles.

Additionally, I did not particularly care for the informal, peppy tone of the authors. Putting a number on those prospects tells Warren whether or not the stock is an attractive buy. She bucfettology been the principal speaker for prestigious organizations around the world. This is what I call the Max purchase price in my premium Value Spreadsheetand you can calculate it with the following formula:.

Predictable product, predictable profits.