* Joined: 24/09/ Messages: 5. Offline, Shall I get “Business Intelligence with SpagoBI” book in hard copy?. SPAGOBI COMPETENCY CENTER. Developing Business Intelligence solutions using the only % open source BI suite. Business Intelligence with SpagoBI. : Business Intelligence with SpagoBI eBook: SpagoBI Competency Center: Kindle Store.

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SpagoBI Open Source

Instant insights on your data are intellogence at different detail levels and from different perspectivesalso through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice and drill-through processes.

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No specific date is available at the moment. It allows users to create their own reports of multiple pages, including tables, crosstabs and charts. Elle est encore plus flagrante sur ce nouveau guide. SpagoBI allows you to constantly monitor your business data and processes through a dynamic and flexible approach.

Navigate your data according to a dynamic and interactive approach, and make real-time decisions on all aspects of your business, even using extra-events and data. SpagoBI provides specific tools for social network listening and monitoringcrucial to make proper decisions and develop effective business strategies. Rating and details – Please fill out all the the notes. Analysis of aggregate information in a inteoligence view, stable navigation routes, and allows data dynamically exploit its graphical manner.

Just wanted to add a voice to the thread – the SpagoBI E-book currently in more info indicates that an updated version of the book will be available in Analysis can be performed on real-time data stream of tweet data or historic data regarding a specific time period.


Interactive cockpits Analysis of aggregate information in a single view, stable navigation routes, and allows data dynamically exploit its graphical manner. The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add somecalculation cores spagohi with bare metal services.

SpagoBI Open Source – Stratebi

Please fill out the following fields to share the details of your proposed solution. It enables organizations busness timely well-informed decision-making power through highly interactive dashboards and business analytics. The analytical world offers solutions for reporting, multidimensional analysis OLAPdata mining Data Miningdashboards Dashboard and ad-hoc queries. And how can I get this update?

What SpagoBi offers?

Self-create your multi-sheet reports, including tables, cross-tables and charts. The is no commercial edition but the editor can provide support services. Multidimensional analysis OLAP Expore your data on different detail levels and from different perspectives, through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice, drill-through processes.

Home Business Solutions Verticales Analytics: Manage your analytical processes, which can run in the background or be scheduled to start and stop at a scheduled time. SpagoBI offers a wide range of tools: Assessments Smile Visitors 4 Opinion. It offers a number of engines that gives many options to the developer and let’s her nusiness him soagobi the one that best suites the needs. Twitterincluding but not limited to keywords, hashtags, followers, short-links and SpagoBI documents.

Collaboration Create structured report dossiers, enrich your analysis with personal notes and comments posted by users. It has a panel to manage the processes of analysis, it can run in the background or be programmed to start and stop at a scheduled time.


The results can be displayed in different operating resources according to their needs, such as dashboards and real-time map, reports, SpagoBI is a complete suite offering all the features one can ask for a BI suite. A previous email exchange indicated that this was the case, but wanted to confirm in case something has changed between then and now Characterized by an entirely web-based and touch-enabled front-endSpagoBI mobile can explore any data from your tablet and smartphone, through interactive reports, dashboards spagovi cockpits.

According to current needs, allow SpagoBI manage data in any format, allowing its analysis, including unstructured data, such as as audio files, videos and images. Based on open standards, SpagoBI is a combination of sustainable and open solutions. Is the SpagoBI book updated for version 5. I got mine as a soft copy, I dont think bisiness have it as a hark copy This message was edited 1 time.

It covers all areas of project analysis of Business Intelligence, with totally innovative tools. Users businezs write directly to the database, adding new records intelligencr modifying existing through a user interface intuitive, which behavior can be configured using a simple configuration, using predefined models.