The AC voltage rating of Bussmann fuses is given in volts rms. Fuses tested to IEC are . semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and. SSRs. This catalog is intended to present product data and provide technical information that will help the end World’s leading supplier of fuses and fusible protection. Cooper Bussmann┬« circuit protection solutions comply with major industrial standards of high speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J .

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Better Motor Protection in Elevated Ambients The derating of dual-element fuses based on increased ambient temperatures closely parallels the derating curve of motors in elevated ambient.

Carrier provides a positive, stress free fitting of fuse and locks the fuse in position ensuring safe insertion and withdrawal from the base.

NH HRC, Fuses, Fuse links

They are labelled Current- Limiting and are rated for Vac. Masterclad Medium Voltage Passive Arc-Resistant Switchgear Square D Masterclad medium voltage passive arc-resistant AR switchgear is designed with utilities and industrial customers in flletype who demand.

Each subclass has designated I 2 t and l p maximums. Also characteristic of this type of overcurrent is that it leaves the normal current carrying path of the circuit it takes a short cut around the load and back to the source.

Designed for DC power distribution systems. O-ring seals maximize pressure build-up during filetye limiting action. Holder installs thru rear of panel.

Bussmann. Circuit Protection Solutions

Peak Let-Through Current, lp The instantaneous value of peak current letthrough by a current-limiting fuse, when it operates in its current-limiting range. Compact branch-circuit units with high interrupting rating and current limitation. Solar circuit protection application guide Complete and reliable solar semjconductor protection Introduction Benefits of Eaton s circuit protection solutions Complete and reliable circuit protection for photovoltaic.


Start display at page:. BS amps Capacity ka 3.

Visual Indicator The indicator situated in one cover plate is clearly visible as soon as the fuse has operated. Type GBA has a red pin for high cataloghe.

Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Divisions 1 Specification sections apply to. The customer inserts 18 insulated solid copper wire into the line side receptacle as well as into the load side receptacle.

See Data Sheet for dimensional drawings. Fuse Fuse Base Style Max.

Bussmann. Circuit Protection Solutions – PDF

Options include visual indication and indication utilizing a microswitch. For use with quick connect terminals only. UL 94V0 Agency Information: Clearing Time The total time between the beginning of the overcurrent and the final opening of the circuit at rated voltage by an overcurrent protective device. With electrical ratings More information. Closer protection is offered for many motor sizes with the availability of these additional fuse ratings.

Short-Circuit Rating The maximum short-circuit current an electrical component can sustain without the occurrence of excessive damage when protected with an overcurrent protective device. Current-limiting capability Complete system coordination capability Load connection: These fuses are identical, with the exception of a modification in the mounting configuration called a rejection feature.

Design,15, Current Ratings: Semiconductor Fuses Fuses used to protect solid-state devices.

Fuse Catalogues

If this will not allow motor to start due to higher than normal inrush currents or longer than normal acceleration times 5 sec. An epoxy paint protects the fuse tube from the surrounding environment. If not cut off within a matter of a few thousandths of a second, damage and destruction can become rampant semicodnuctor can be severe insulation damage, melting of conductors, vaporization of metal, ionization of gases, arcing, and fires.


Figure 1 and have wire terminals and mounting holes located at end of fuse. The devices are especially. Class H Fuses V and V, 10,A interrupting rating branch circuit fuses that may be renewable or non-renewable. End Piece Part No.

Number 1,3R,12 IP65 Black 2. Now Available in 1 Position. Bsusmann minimum rated interrupting current is the lowest current that the fuse will be able to clear properly.

Overload Can be classified as an overcurrent which exceeds the normal full load current of a circuit. Ohm The unit of measure for electric resistance. High visibility yellow color for easy identification in dark or hard-toaccess locations. Time-Current and Current Limitation Curves located on page Long time-delay minimizes nuisance circuit openings due to temporary overloads and transient surges.

Short Circuit Can be classified as an overcurrent which exceeds the normal full load current of a circuit by a factor many times tens, hundreds or thousands greater.

Although other link materials can provide current limitation, they do not equal that of silver. Cable terminal top or bottom entry. Their unique design and construction provide: The special small granular, arc-quenching material plays an important part in the interruption process. Accessories Bussmann offers a comprehensive line of fuse bases that provide the user with design and manufacturing flexibility. They restrict fault currents to such low values that a high degree of protection is given to circuit components against even very high short-circuit currents.

Type CAVH are fitted with a striker pin for indication.