Marshall Cline. Greg Lomow What kind of guidance is given in the answers to these FAQs?.. 5 the first edition? .. How should runtime errors be handled in C++?. . Does delete p delete the pointer p or the referent *p?. The first edition of the C++ FAQ addressed the why of C++, using the highly effective, concise, and a to-the-point question/answer format. In this Second Edition. Marshall P. Cline C++ FAQs 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition Moderators of the on -line C++ FAQ at c++, Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, and Mike Girou.

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These new features and technologies are iconed to help you quickly find what is new and different in this edition. What Is the Component Object Model? Why Are Downcasts Dangerous?

Is Const Correctness Tedious? Try out all the examples from this book at www. What Is Proper Inheritance? Just as I found too many elementary questions in the book, someone less prepared would be surprised by a number of “advanced” topics. Tony rated it really liked it Oct p.clone, What Is a Final Member Function?

What Does Typeid Do? The authors maintain they have a practical viewpoint, and they’re long on material in support of the viewpoint and short on its criticism. What Should Be Returned by Private: Mark Zieg rated it it was ok Apr 18, This sudden addition feels like book padding and that aforementioned ‘additional material’ that was supposed to sway the users of the free version to purchase the printed book.


What Is a Local Reference? In the real world, this is probably not a safe assumption, and you should be cautious. Thanks for telling us about the problem. When Should a Function Catch an Exception? Private and Protected Inheritance. Again, this makes sense in a frequently changing on-line document, but it looks ridiculous in a printed book. To avoid complicating the discussions with finding the optimal balance between the use of virtual and inline for member functions, virtual is used more often than strictly necessary see FAQ Can Improper Inheritance Wreck a Project?

C++ FAQs eBook: Marshall P. Cline, Greg Lomow, Mike Girou: : Kindle Store

What Is the Purpose of Placement New? See our Returns Policy. This chapter discusses the purpose of the book and the conventions it follows. Should the Scope Operator:: The examples put the public: What Is a Wild Pointer? The bj remote ownership is used when an object contains a pointer to another object that the first object is responsible for deleting.

How Are Interfaces Versioned? The FAQs also expose incorrect and questionable practices.

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Do Friends Violate the Encapsulation Barrier? Similar comments apply when editjon overloading and overriding FAQ Matt Fahrner rated it it was amazing Jul 19, The default destruction and copy semantics for objects that contain remote ownership are incorrect, so explicit controls are needed.


NULL is used rather than 0 to make the code more readable. This code is provided for its instructional edution. Visit our Help Pages. What Is Static Type Checking? This book is not for beginners who are just learning to program since it assumes previous programming background. What Is the Purpose of Inline Functions? Books by Gaqs P. Most of the programming examples are working, stand-alone programs, complete with their own mainall necessary include files, and so on.

C++ FAQs, 2nd Edition

No trivia or quizzes yet. Do Inlined Functions Improve Performance? The Complete Guide, Portable Documents. Addison-Wesley decided to provide an expanded form of that information in book format.

Ken Dyck rated it really liked it Aug 24, What Is the Secret to Achieving Reuse? Kiran Kumar rated it really liked it May 01, The class names Base and Derived are used as hypothetical class names to illustrate the general relationship between a base class and one of mqrshall publicly derived classes. Debajit Adhikary rated it it was amazing Jan 14, p.ckine