The website for the fiction writer Edan Lepucki. friendships, set in the posh hills above Los Angeles, from the New York Times bestselling author of California. Edan Lepucki sets her debut novel, California, somewhere in the s. The nearness of this era helps make her vision both more discomfiting. Edan Lepucki comes to the telephone out of breath and laughing. “I’m escaping from my children!” she cries, and I can hear said offspring.

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In spite of the constant talk and endless explanations, none of the characters were clear to me; the main characters flip-flop in th Oh dear. Jun 26, Sophie rated it did not like it Shelves: Esther, as a child like her father has been.

In California, Cal and Frida have left L. Where the book really picks up pace and gets interesting is once they discover the settlement or camp of people nearby and take the leap to move from being on their own to blending in and knowing this community of survivors.

View all 6 comments. Although the novel just dragged on and on, the ending came quickly, events became inexplicably convenient, and a lot was left unexplained. After I read karen’s review, which, by the way, would make a fine opposing viewpoint to this review, I knew it would be a story that irritated me.

View all 32 comments. With all of that, I might have enjoyed it had either of the main characters been particularly likeable. Also, I’d normally enjoy baking scenes, but the baked goods in Canter’s look pretty terrible, so I was mostly scrunching up my nose every time one of those came up. I read this back in and decided to read it again as parts of edqn I wanted to califotnia.


But, maybe he should have read the book first. I’m leaning toward the latter.

What happened to all the people? What I DID like about this novel was the imagining of a society gradually falling apart as goods become scarce and systems fail for some unspecified reason, probably due the sheer lepudki of our current extravagant lifestyles. December 27, by Tori Telfer.

California by Edan Lepucki

The brother and Cal could very well have noticed but it’d have been a thousand times less disgusting if Cal and the brother had asked Frida directly about the validity of her pregnancy. Books by Edan Lepucki. The protagonists abandon their former lives and seek the support of a community in which to raise their child.

Maybe not in my life time or yours- but someday The writing was too lackluster and felt so strained. They’re super big, right? Bandaids and turkey basters are valued commodities, but guns and ammo seem fairly available. I will defer now to the awesomeness that is Erica’s review to better explain this book. How the human being thinks and lives with each other when society as a whole has crumbled.

Would you stick to your principles or would you make the fastest grab for safety and comfort? Is it really her true path? Can they feed themselves? Frida is an immature nitwit who takes a ‘Vicodin’ because lspucki misses being high and who hoards secrets from her husband like a brand-new turkey baster.

Thanks to Little, Brown for sending this book to me for review. No one, I’m aware, was promising a masterpiece. It’s going to protect itself and stop having periods.

Edan Lepucki on Dick Pics, California, and Motherhood | Literary Hub

At least if your goal is to sell more books. All plotted and put together methodically and timed incredibly well, the revelations coming each in their time. View all 15 comments. View all 83 comments. The faux Mayberry, housewifey ironic ending does little to remedy this.


Retrieved from ” https: On June 4,Colbert califlrnia his television show, The Colbert Reportto satirically attack bookseller Amazon over the company’s decision to remove particular titles from sale, including books from the publisher of Colbert’s own three books, the Leppucki Book Group.

If WE don’t change.

California review – Edan Lepucki’s hit story of marriage after the apocalypse

Human disasters like chemicals and plastics leeching into the environment. The ending was rushed lepudki I was glad. Every once in a while, something in the news reminds me that the rule of law is tenuous. To make matters worse, the characters are un This was, simply put, the worst book I have read in recent memory.

She’s not eaten by a bear, she’s not trapped in a cave under fallen rocks, she’s not sold into slavery by the roaming californi of pirates what? In my book, S. He actually has thoughts worrying about the possibility that the people they meet will be all male and want to take Frida away.

Edan Lepucki on Dick Pics, California, and Motherhood

Natural disasters like earthquakes and blizards. It still has the tag on it! I found myself reading to understand how this situation occurred as much as the actual plot see paragraph abovebut ended up disappointed.