Cannibal Contagion is a game of mental stress and violent survival against hordes of These pages contain a complete role-playing game, with rules detailing. Cannibal Contagion follows the current, and approved, trend of smaller game publishers producing journal-sized books as complete games. Source for the Cannibal Contagion RPG by N. Phillip Cole.

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Two transmission vectors for the pathogen are inhalation and infected blood, with two corresponding immunity profiles. While the exact effects of the disease are not described, a scene at the end of the episode shows the results — Manny is driven to madness and totally ransacks the area outside cannlbal shop, before using a hot water bottle cqnnibal a loincloth, grabbing a flaming torch and painting “EAT ME” on his stomach, whilst jumping on the roof of an abandoned car. A virus that affects Reploids.

Joe Versus the Volcano. A sickness that Monster Machines catch that makes them sneeze uncontrollably. In the film, the leader of a local militia has obtained both the virus and what he believes to be a vaccine for it, and decides to start an epidemic with the virus, believing that he will be cannibla because he has taken the vaccine. A disease that attacks the central nervous system, fooling it into calcifying the bodily tissue, eventually turning the conttagion into what is, essentially, a pile of rocks.

The zombies act typical of zombies such as cannibalism and insanity. The victim will gain super-strength and self-recovery abilities and if inside a Mobile Fighter, will spread the cells to the Mobile Fighter and give it the abilities of the Devil Gundam, often mutating the Mobile Fighter into a stronger robot. Black Hole by Charles Burns.


Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. These infected are similar to vampires. Healed by Aerith Gainsborough ‘s Great Gospel healing rain. Its effects depend on the person it infects: It’s a relic of a d system from the 80s. Symptoms include a gradual loss of emotional control and a telepathic influence on non-Vulcans to canmibal similar emotional volatility. So, for example, a player can refuse a pull and you inflict a broken leg.

It was cured by the Cannubal Tank.

The disease is considered a “quirk” of planetary terraforming — the result of underground air mixing with a mine’s ore processors. It takes about one minute to overwhelm the special filters designed to ward off its rp.

The only known cure was the milk of the Queen Bats. Salamandastron by Brian Jacques. I’ve reserved the weekend before Rppg and the night after the winter solstice. Leonardo Freites and Veronica Gandini.

List of fictional diseases

This is survival horror with a side of humor. The virus is centered on the brain, and destroys the cells of the brain and replaces them with the virus. She conducted secret experiments of the virus but was discovered by the Agency and was kicked off the Agency-sponsored medical programme.

The Johnny Test episode of the same name. Contaggion prior to the Clone Wars, it was recreated by rpf insane Separatist scientist Dr.

The Suds can be cured by washing the sponge and using it to clean various things, as shown in the episode “The Suds. Loss of body hair is another symptom.

Cannibal Contagion – RPG Review

Used as a bioterror weapon. Kobaks are immune to the disease.

If you conyagion a campaign take a look at USMC uses Torchbearer rules, heavy rules and very procedural or the Regiment uses Apocalypse World rules, lite rules and narrative. A poisonous gas from the Rotten World Hell which leaks through interdimensional cracks caused by the Necromancer Swan when he cracks open a gate between Earth and Rotten R;g. Because of this extreme contagiousness and very short incubation timea crowd of hundreds could be infected by one single individual in a manner of minutes.


If they are compatible, however, the parasite acts as a second brain, taking over the functions mof the T-virus ravaged host brain. I’m sorry, sir, but your tempo of discussion hints that it would be hardly an enjoyable experience – we’re living in fast-paced times and I find it difficult to revert to days old cannnibal.

A rare viral strain found in queen ant genes.

Cannibal Contagion | RPG | RPGGeek

It is deadly enough, there is quite a lot of alien canon to suggest people do go insane when they come up against the xenomorphs. A beautiful, albeit excruciatingly painful, way to die. An unknown prion dubbed “DX” by scientists on Isla Sorna. It doesn’t penetrate the back your body armor.

Pupils became permanently dilated and skin became hypersensitive to Contahion radiationforcing infected hosts into a nocturnal life cycle.

A spontaneous combination of two man-made viruses that exists in a ‘reservoir condition’ state without ill effects until the host’s death, when any host over approximately 40 pounds undergoes virus amplification and becomes a zombie.

It’s perfect for a onesie like that. A unnamed highly contagious airborne virus which has been stolen from a government biological warfare laboratory. Asmodeus was later utilized as a bio-weapon to completely depopulate a city, save for one child survivor who was seemingly unaffected and hid underground.