Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Caranx crysos – Blue runner. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s): Caranx fusus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Common Name(s): blue runner [English]. The Blue Runner, Caranx crysos. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Marine.

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The blue runner is distributed across the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from Brazil to Canada in the western Atlantic and from Angola to Great Britain including the Mediterranean in the east Atlantic.

Bulletin of the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries. Retrieved 22 May Intorno a Caranx fusus Geoffr. Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico: Straight lateral line with scutes; chest completely scaled.

WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Caranx crysos (Mitchill, )

Woods N’ Water, Inc. Some authors have attributed this northward migration to rising sea surface temperaturespossibly the result of climate change.

Boletim do Instituto de Pesca. Retrieved 13 November Analisis taxonomico y consideraciones filogeneticas sobre las especies cubanas del genero Caranx Teleostei, Perciformes, Carangidae.


Young Caranx in the Western North Atlantic. University of Texas Press. The blue runner reaches sexual maturity at slightly different lengths throughout its range, with all such studies carxnx in the west Atlantic. Atlante dei pesci delle Coste italiane. Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing.

Blue runner – Wikipedia

The species has many common nameswith the most common being ‘blue runner’. Retrieved 19 May Redfish, Bluefish, Sheefish, Snook: The fishes of New York, described and arranged.

It is considered a fairly low-quality table fish[9] and larger specimens are known to carry the ciguatera toxin in their flesh, with several cases reported from the Virgin Islands.

The availability of fisheries statistics for the species is variable throughout its range, with the Americas having separate statistics kept for the species, while in Africa and Europe it is lumped in with other carangids in statistics.

If you crysls found this site useful, educational or fun, please consider lending your support to it’s continuation. Also as you see in the pictures, they have an elongated spot behind their gill covers that looks like white dash lines with a black line in-between. Shoulder girdle cleithrum margin smooth, without papillae.


Histoire naturelle des Poissons, Paris-Strasbourg, 22 vol. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. They can grow to over 2 feet in length.

The blue runner is classified within the genus Caranxone of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies. Journal of Coastal Research.

The blue runner is extensively distributed throughout the tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging widely along both the eastern American coastline and the western African and European coastlines. Ricerche zoologiche nell’isola di Rodi Mar Egeo.

Blue runner

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can continue searching for Caranx crysos on one of these Web sites:. Juveniles tend to inhabit shallower reef and lagoon waters, before moving to deeper waters as adults.