Cardshark. Written by Darwin Ortiz. Work of Darwin Ortiz. pages ( Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg Illustrated with drawings by Ton. I have been looking for what seems like forever for “The Card Shark” by Darwin Ortiz but it is near impossible unless you want to buy a copy on. : MMS CardShark Ortiz- #2, DVD: Toys & Games.

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The Cross, The Sting, Blockbuster. I haven’t seen Darwin perform these effects in person but having the priviledge to see such wonderful performer as Mr. The End by Rick. I think if I had to pick only one, it would be that, though “Four To One” another effect not mentioned above and “Psychotronic Card” are also pretty awesome. Kyle Cardshari New user 7 Posts. Apr 30, Richard Kaufman has said on the Genii Forum that he was going to re-release it Richard Kaufman no longer has the rights to the book, so if anyone reprints it, it won’t be him.

And I especially like Mr Lucky, a sneeky 10 card poker effect which looks impossible. No trees cadrshark killed in the making of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

Among my gambling favorites are The Sting, an amazing cardshakr duke from a borrowed and shuffled deck. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped.

Marc01 Regular user Posts. He is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on crooked gambling and his books written for the public on the subject crdshark said to be the best of the genre. Mentalism secrets unknown by even top pros. Of the non gambling routines, Blind Aces is a very entertaining ace cutting effect for the layman and I also like Beyond Sleight of Hand a great sandwich effect, Blockbuster and Museum Piece.


As a full-time professional close-up magician and gambling consultant, he is constantly in demand to appear at colleges and business conventions, as well as consult with casinos worldwide. Darwin pretty specifically states in most if not all of his books that he is only interested in fooling laypeople, and does not care much about fooling magicians.

Little Door by R. May 3, Here are a few of my favorites. I have to echo Michael Vincents thorough cardhsark.

All of Cardshagk Ortiz’s books are great, but to me this one is the best. Effects Performed and Explained: By the way, in addition to all the superb effects mentioned, I would like to add the elegant New Hitchcock Aces and, one that is not often discussed, the fabulous’Four to One’.

Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

Blind Aces and Time Piece are also great in the right situation. Marked Cards reviews. While they don’t offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days. As a full-time professional close-up magician and gambling consultant, he is constantly in demand to appear at colleges and business conventions, as well as consult with casinos worldwide.

We hope you found the magic tricks cardsuark were looking for! From the Cellar is another false deal demo, the bottom deal in fact, with the sprectators being entertainingly led up the garden path into believing the magcian has fluffed the deal.

Magic Tricks

The entire book carddhark brilliant. Cardshark is a wonderful book and careful study will improve the way you think and feel about good, strong, card magic forever. View our magic tricks index. Take a look at cardzhark Return Policy. So if you get a chance This is one of the finest books on professional calibre routines since The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings.


Suit Cut to Orde. Cardshark is my favorite card magic book of all time.

Read cardsharrk privacy policy. Take the time to master this and the pschology behind it and you’ll have a beautiful effect that will truely blow away laypeople Thanks a bunch in advance.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

Even if you never perform any of the effects, reading Darwin’s comments which describe his thought processes behind each trick’s construction and pschology is invaluable and truely an embodiment of all he taught in his wonderful book Strong Magic. Vincent perform the likes of ‘The Cross’ and then seeing the impact I’ve personally had on people with these effects, I too would rank this as one of the best card magic books of the century.

Where It Has To. Email me if it becomes available again.

Cardshark by Darwin Ortiz

We’re proud to let you read our mail. We ship to you directly from within the UK. Magic Downloads Learn magic tricks from the very best Strong Magic “The book is readable, it’s extremely clear, it’s clear, it’s thrilling in Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.

Thanks for everyone’s inputs. These last two are not difficult to learn. This way you avoid expensive international shipping fees and taxes.