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Thus, in the big cities run modern luxury buses, and in small rural areas one can still meet old and dilapidated buses cartins the previous century. We can therefore safely say that Italy has created the safest and most comfortable conditions for traveling by car. Ancient monsters do not just stand still. The pleasure can be different, but it is rarely associated with hard work, and therefore locals can seem somewhat lazy.

Map of Isola d’Ischia

Delicious food and wine here are appreciated … Open. From the sea and the earth get an explosion of flavors, colors and unique images.

However, it is worth remembering that most autobahns in Italy are on a paid basis. There are quite a lot of them on the territory of the kingdom, with mercury currently taking the lead position.

Residence Baia di Sorgeto

Shopping, streets and outlets Ischia is not the best place to buy brand clotheas from world famous designers. Buses are considered the most common type of public transportation. Our guide chapters over Isola di Ischia Traditions and mentality of Isola di Ischia The most important thing for the Italians, in general, is not career or success, but getting pleasure from life. However, the most exciting and interesting for the child in the park will be the opportunity to see the huge dinosaurs.


Among the villas the Colombaia of Visconti and the wonderful gardens of Sir Walton. Isola di Ischia – guide chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Sweet life of Ischia, since the 50s, offers endless nights among traditional taverns, nightclubs, piano bars, disco-pubs and wine bars. Economy roadmap of Italy Today, Italy is considered one of the most highly developed countries in the world.

Also on the territory of the country, you will find that uranium ore, silver, iron ore, lead-zinc and copper ores, as well as potassium salts are being mined.

City tours, excursions and tickets in Isola di Ischia and surroundings. Iasolino were studied and exploited therapeutically: We feature more than The total length of highways is more than carrina thousand kilometers.

Such a spectacular view will impress any kid. The resort is also surrounded with beautiful pine forests and cliffs. Rich and beautiful costumes at St. The whole island is an alternation of small coves, bays, beaches, cliffs of lava and volcanic eruptions. There is something for everyone: It is because of the principle of obtaining pleasures from everything that the Italians are very sensitive to the process of eating.

Called Pithaecusa, Aenaria, Inarime, is a destination favored by tourists worldwide. The best seafood courses you can find in the coastal restaurants, where the haul is always iechia.

Linee Bus Ischia, Mezzi Pubblici Ischia, Autobus Ischia

Famous since the ancient Romans, carrina especially for its thermal mineral waters and for ischai unique and mild climate. It occupies a leading position in terms of industrial production in the whole of Western Europe.

They can cure various diseases due to their different chemical compositions. Our current hall is since a permanent exhibition of oil paintings of delicate father Antonio and from then you can breathe the same artistic atmosphere of the meetings of famous art critics, writers, gallery owners, artists The mussels, which iscjia with spicy sauce and as a separate dish, and as part of assorted seafood, and as … Open.


In Ischia Ponte there is the ancient “borgo di Celsa,” old town of Ischia behind the huge Aragonese Castle built on a rock and isxhia to the mainland by a bridge.

Despite the fact that first hotels appeared on the island not many years ago, they are distinguished by excellent service. Fantastic that of July 26th, the feast of St. The next important sector in Italy is engineering. It is focused mainly on the construction of ships, due to the territorial location of the country.

Since the sixteenth century, the thermal waters of the island thanks to the Calabrian doctor G. Many artists who have passed by the famous restaurant of my grandfather the “Calabrian”: Travel guide to Isola di Ischia Travelers mostly interested in trouble-free relaxation will be pleased with high-quality local spa centers and massage salons.

The island is divided into six municipalities, is rich isfhia history, myth iscjia legend, a beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples, with all around her gorgeous blue sea.

Visit Ischia | Mappa Attivita

Spas and Wellness Since the sixteenth century, the thermal waters of the island thanks to the Calabrian doctor G. Settanni, Longobardi, Ielasi, Raoul M. Fans of spa treatments are also frequent guests. Museums and culture Sea museum, St. Along the roads you will come across hotels, snack bars and cafes, shops, service stations, and filling stations.

Tuna, gooseberry, king mackerel, squid, cuttlefish and sea urchin are fried, stewed, added to pizza, risotto, and salads.