home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing in Spain 49 years . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home We offer more than lighting items, among lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or wall.

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Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca. 1925-1932.

En, tsen, kill, mountain. Vocabulary cards with bibliographic information Boxes 10G-K.

The papers are held in their Latin American Library. A highly positive outcome. Unpublished linguistic comparisons, with notes which the author intended to publish but catalogi unfinished.

Copy of an unpubl.

Fragment of Karth Glossary from Upper Orinoco. Photostats of title pages of manuscripts relating to Matlatzinca language. Published items including dictionaries and texts regarding Central American languages, some in Spanish. Schulker seems to be no order at all in any of the vocabularies and the folder titles have vague relationships to their contents. Revue Internationale d ‘Ethnologie et de Linguistique, vol. Includes comparative vocabularies, grammar information, phonetic transcriptions, and glossaries of Mayan and Cholti languages.


SCHULLER, S.L. – Furniture

Schuller, Rudolph American Anthropologist, vol. Includes letters from A. Gi, blood, sap, juice, sweat.

Index, printed guides, cataligo for the collection. Ama, ma, vua, maize and related ideas. Presuming original order of the material has been maintained this would appear to be a naming and ordering system that only Schuller understood.

Notes on the Tzotzil language of Chiapas.

Art en lengua Ch’olti, Schuller … 50 years of history! A, por Rodolfo Schuller”. Co-tsu-su, might, black, cold.

Ka, stone, bone, hard. Printed Material Boxes 10M. Breton, New trends, new products. Geographical names, mostly of the Choco languages of central and western Colombia. Ca, stone, bone, hard. Ok-uk, ots, oc, stone, bone, hard, etc. Oficina tipografica del gobierno desestado.

Schüller Möbelwerk KG – Home

Extract of the Doctrina Christiana in the Mexican Indian language. Materials taken from Stoll, Rockstroh, Sapper, and so forth, each sheet dedicated to a particular word man, woman, etc. Ca-sa, stone, hard, bone, tooth, and so on. What collections are we recommending for this summer?

Schuller Rudolf Revista Americana vol. Includes correspondence between Schuller and other members of the Museum of the Native American regarding the collection. See Catalogo da Exposigao Brazileira. Ka-ca-koi-cai-tsa-ka, tsa ta, sa, fish and so on.

  DM 441B PDF

Light and design at Feria Habitat with Schuller. Ko, co, stone, bone, hard. Notes on a very scarcely known document. Extract from a catqlogo short Trique glossary, with place names in Mexican and in Trique native tongue of Oaxaca. Schuller in which were to be published to show the geographical distribution of the different Indian languages of Honduras.

He served on the faculty of the National University in Mexico City. Ot-oc-ots, bone, hard, stone, etc. Two boxes of manuscripts, notes for publications, and other vocabularies. Schulleg studies, mostly a linguistic comparison of Maya-K’ice forms with the respect. E, te, ek,ok, ce-ke, et, tet, it, cen-ken, gen, stone, tooth, earth, hard, bone, cave. Typescript compiled by Dr. A study of the linguistic map of Catalogoo, C.