Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: , Published: Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: 69, Published: Title: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Author: Jeremy KIEFER, Name: Catalogue ALSAFIX – Tarif , Length: pages, Page: 73, Published:

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Sales Team In France, in Europe in the whole worldTechnical Know How und individual service High quality professional products Repair service in our work shop m2 The logistics platform of the group in the heart of Europestorage capacity 25 differentproducts available24 to 48 hours guaranteedOrder processing within 1 23 4Our sales team listens to you and will happily advice you accordingly. Rail fasteningstrapbox, timbermembrane, ceiling hook, cable, wire, It is used wherever the strutsbracing conventional wooden furnishings make impossible arational attic and neat.

Like, for instance, fastening experience since Hard work and lifelong experience has taught us what the professionals need when it coes to power, precision and reliability.


Debris flying through the air can break windows and doors, allowing high. Date of payment is date of receiving money on our account.

Designed for fixing wire up to 6 mm. We call it Taking Care of Toorrow. They serve mainly to the assembly of frameconstructions and derivation of the wind loads.

Here, you ll find the inforation that will help you find the right product for your task. To the metal, plastic and wood. We are monitoring and recording the loading process and a gateman is controlling the goods when leaving the factory. Question over this item? Time saving installation thanks tothe indication linear meters on thestrip. Pay by bank transfer within 3 days. Drive nails fro 50 to 90 High load capacity 3-step coil adjust echanis Light-weight agnesiu housing Full sequential actual firing Debris shield device Belt hook Adjustable depth penetration rotating coupling Anti-slide pad PCN45 Nail Case Powerful and copact pneuatic roofing coil nailer for professional use.


This versatile system is the market leader.

Keeps your haer tacker safely stored and always within reach. Is it possible to catalogye staple guns that are easy to fire and siultaneously allow the user to decide how uch power should be used? The ISO certificate and its know how is well appreciated at both the customers and competitors. Your job is full of challenges.

Precision Turbo Catalog Beautiful Catalogue Alsafix 2018 by Jeremy Kiefer issuu

The buyer is obliged to check the order confirmation within 2 working days and report to us if found any discrepancy in our order confirmation. Add another 5 on the nail.

Our flexible systems primary and secondary packaging for single cataloue multi packages, can transport your goods from one More information. Ideal for use on uneven, awkward surfaces where a standard staple gun ight have difficulty accessing.

This versatile system is the market leader More information. You have just purchased one of the many fine products. This product is characterized by a combination of decisive characteristics: Remove seats, engine cover and center floorboard. Reliable, low-noise and anti-condensation. Lighting installation, sanitary and dis-tribution.

Suitable for any tough jobs including insulation, dap proof coursing, plastic wrap and cardboard. Can also be vatalogue for work with diverse textile types. Exclusively professional equipment for sale. Our flexible systems primary and secondary packaging for single and multi packages, can transport your goods from. Fro our Swedish production facility, our alsatix brings every user a wealth of sart, helpful features, such as bounce-back technology that akes the haer bounce back thanks to the recoil.

Auctelia is … A used industrial equipment broker and auctioneer Exclusively professional equipment for sale A trusted third party with payment on our account Discover Auctelia Buyer or seller, Auctelia is your partner.


Use on front isolated from the outside. R Box Clashell Powerful, professional haer tacker able to deliver extra long staples with precision. The answer is yes. Ergonoic design Safety nose contact to prevent accidental firing Dual agazine for flatwire staples and brads ESN Hangbox Case An easy to anage, powerful electric staple gun for ore deanding projects around the house.

All-steel casing and wear parts inside Sooth functioning loading syste and recoilless echanis Ergonoic handle with lock function for easy storage 5 year guarantee ALU Box Clashell – West Clashell – Neutral Case incl staples Powerful, ergonoically superior aluiniu staple gun for deanding use.

2 Alsafix gas nailers

Place the clip Fixation of the clip Fixation of theinto the cayalogue. Try-e odule for our new energy-saving staple gun. Heavy duty fastening, railling, high resistance to shear loadsimmediat loadsimmediat finished lookDesigned for: Due to the strong but quite thin staples, also harder materials can.

But, if you’ve no more space on your garage wall for that new leaf rake, if you can’t find your potting trowel because.

Catalogue alsafix pdf

Wireless multiscie finds its way eve-rywhere, in wood, plastic or metal. Increases the speed and simplicity of installation. This is clearly visible in how we display our products in stores. The connectors are recessed into the wood through the device orsuitable tool.

Initiating the development for the future Jean-Claude Roeckel will promise to actively participate in it. More inforation on different glue types and their usage can be found on page 62 and forward.