What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. Karl Keating defends Catholicism from Fundamentalist attacks and explains why Fundamentalism has been so successful in converting ‚ÄúRomanists. Keating’s book provides an impressively researched and eminently readable defense of Catholicism Fundamentalists often work on the principle that the Bible is such a .. Karl Keating is founder and senior fellow at Catholic Answers.

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This covers a wide range of denominations and I learned a lot about the history of Jehova’s Witnesses for example. The Attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians”. It was the chairman’s job to get the speakers up and just as important down in a timely manner, and he would take over if a speaker was getting in over his head or was losing control of the crowd.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism

They cannot bear giving professional anti-Catholics a penny. Still available from used-book dealers is A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture5 published in Britain in and using the Douay-Rheims translation. Jun 01, Gordon Crow rated it really liked it. The first forty pages are devoted to the theory of street-corner apologetics perfectly applicable still, even if the discussion takes place in the home, on the steps outside of church, or in print rather than on a lecture platform and to how Guild training should be organized.

Keating delves into all the misconceptions about Catholicism. The book is full of anc Biblical and historical explanations of Catholic doctrines and practices. Good read for either Catholics or Protestants.


Catholic Answers was incorporated inand in Karl left the practice of law and went into apostolic work full time.

So you have been a Catholic your whole life. Dec 09, Kathy rated it it was amazing. For example, headings through deal with the Eucharist. May 06, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once away from the protective shell of my parents’ home, however, I became exposed for the first time anti-Catholic environments. You would owe it to your cause. Sheed means there is too much we do not know about Jesus, at least regarding His everyday activities, we know, for instance, only one event between His infancy and the start catholicisj His ministry, for cahtolicism to be a regular biography.

You know that they are great people. xatholicism

Appealing to the Young. Typically, after giving a bibliography, he presents an outline of a book, then devotes a few paragraphs to its author, origin, intended audience, and special aims.

Rumble and Carty took the questions as they were sent in and prepared complete, readable, and pointed responses.

Or maybe it’s that you would really miss those beautifully lit Midnight Masses. On the other hand, this book is very dated in a lot of ways. Romano Guardini, The Lord Chicago: Very influential in my conversion. Lists with This Book.

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From being merely passive and believing to becoming active and defensive in my Catholic faith as we are all called to do. Sheen, Life9. Special emphasis is given to the scriptural basis for Catholic doctrines and beliefs. Sheed and Ward, Evidence. Today, very few of these organizations still exist, and those who do still exist are irrelevant.


The Catholic needs to read the Bible, of course, kaarl to read it regularly, but that is hardly enough. What is more, each writer karrl his works are introduced in a few well-turned paragraphs.

Catholicism and Fundamentalism Food for the Mind

At the time I was reading this book, I was heavily involved in homeschooling my fundamentailsm so my primary response to this book was to work harder on Scripture studies with them so they would be less vulnerable.

Twenty citations are given.

The major threat to the faith today stands squarely in the secular realm. The Sword of the Spirit covers the kar, inspiration, authors, and canon of the Bible, biblical theology, the history of the Bible, and conflicting views in modern biblical scholarship.

You can drive around all day and still have no feel for it; but study a map, see where the main buildings are and how the highways intersect, and you can get back in the car and, for the first time, really appreciate what is there.

Many of us are frankly mildly shocked after our first encounters with this form of dogmatic anti-Catholicism.

Some are written more for the inquiring agnostic than for the believing Protestant, and even those that are not usually neglect fundamentalism’s specific charges.