Customs Deceleration Form will provide you with proof for the customs agent that you bought your items in the States so that you do not have to pay duty or. Clarifications regarding the US Customs form were submitted to the Central Firearms Register and Commander of the South African. Do you need a US Customs and Border Control Form ? This small form is proof that your gear listed on the form was purchased and.

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It’s so you don’t have cpb pay duty. I’m in Houston fomr. I do not have a for anything but firearms. It is not only our duty to help our clients find the best hunts around the world, but also help them solve problems with International travel before they happen.

That is why we suggest filling out Form The BS with appointments, etc. There should be sufficient blank pages for entry stamps for Form can be easily filled out and taken to any U.

We advise that all International travelers fill out a Customs Declaration Form to avoid a potential costly hassle. You can get it well ahead of time days, weeks, etc. Back in my first trip to Europe I went to customs to get one for my camera and was told not to worry the price of cameras were cheaper in NY then Europe, no-one will be checking. Don’t know why they have to make it so hard NRA life member Hunted: I’ll get to see my grandson if it vorm two days so there is an upside to however long it takes.


Turn right onto the Westbound Beltway 8 feeder road. On all my trips outside of the US I have never had US Customs check any of my optics or cbbp gear that I do have listed on aonly my firearms and when I came back from Canada they didn’t fom check that.

Customs Declaration Form 4457

Gypsum, Co Member of: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Mar 20, Messages: It usually takes less than five minutes. Jan 5, Messages: I had to call the customs office in McKinney, TX three different times before I could get them to schedule an appointment for me about a week later. The description of the item and serial number must fofm. A form proves you or someone else had in possession the item in the U.

I called the number on the website which refered me to firm number which refered me back to the first number. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Grosse Ile, Michigan Member of: Is that the date that SAPS is fussing about? You can have more than one form So i just decided to make a road trip using Ruger’s directions. I’d get it done as soon as possible.

From the first call until the time I had a in hand took about 3 weeks. I go into the office without the guns first and tell the guy at the desk what I want to do and let him tell me it’s okay to bring the rifles in. NO gun, you don’t need a Just show up, ring the buzzer and walk in. The way to easily avoid this issue before it happens is to fill out form which can be found here. Stay on the feeder road to the stoplight at Aldine Westfield.


Feb 11, Messages: The building is on the right hand side of the feeder road. Feb 15, Messages: Dec 2, Messages: I made several copies of the Notarized document and put one in every piece luggage containing a listed item. Aug 9, Messages: I got a issued for my. There is a new focus on an old law that US travelers, and especially hunters need to be aware of.

Customs only gave me the location inside the terminal, so if there is a better location I’d love to have it.

CBP Form | ATA Carnet

Dec 7, Messages: Jun 14, Messages: Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. For South Africa travel, visitors are required to carry a passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. I got mine a few months in advance on both trips to SA. The real question is if you have a that doesn’t have a date on the form itself do you have to go get a new one?