Il volume presenta il C.C.N.L. per i lavoratori addetti alla piccola e media industria metalmeccanica ed alla installazione di impianti. Il contratto ha. This is exactly what occurred in many European countries between and setting in Italy, is emblematic: see M. Tiraboschi, “Metalmeccanici: siglata l’intesa”, In C.c.n.l., the eligibility of workers with a fixed-term contract or. permette agli utenti di ricercare ed estrarre dei dati provenienti dall’ISTAT.

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The main provisions of the agreement are outlined under the following headings. Modello E [ Kb]. Il calcolo va effettuato, per ogni evento morboso, prendendo in considerazione i 12 mesi immediatamente precedenti.


This involves extending contractual employment arrangements of white-collar workers to blue-collar workers; for example, metzlmeccanici will now be paid according to the monthly pay system to both categories of workers. Leave this field blank. Protracted negotiations On 20 Januarythe social partners in the metalworking sector signed the draft agreement for renewal of the national industry-wide collective agreement.

La sentenza della Corte di Cassazione n. The agreement also stipulates that, in the case of workers already employed on fixed-term contracts by the same company, the probationary period must be reduced or annulled. metalmeccanii

Metalmeccanici piccola e media industria confapi (2008-2011)

Skip to main content. After this time span, the company must hire the worker on an indefinite-term employment contract.

Click to share this page to Facebook securely. The increase in the wage-tariff minima or basic pay is calculated on a month contractual period — six months more than envisaged by the tripartite Agreement of 23 July The negotiations for renewal of the industry-wide agreement — which covers more than 1.

Fine Rapporto Venditori porta a porta Sanatoria extracee. You are here Home Article National collective agreement in metalworking industry renewed. In Januaryafter seven months of negotiations, the social partners in the metalworking sector signed the draft agreement for the renewal of the national industry-wide collective agreement.


CCNL metalmeccanici Confindustria coordinato e annotato – Mario Di Francesco – Google Books

Equal opportunities for blue-collar and white-collar workers A particularly innovative aspect of the agreement is the equalisation scheme for levelling out differences in employment contracts between blue-collar and white-collar workers, which the trade unions have long requested.

The seniority required for such an entitlement will be counted starting on the same date as the rule takes effect — 1 January Cristina Tajani, Ires Lombardia.

Minister Damiano metalemccanici welcomed the draft agreement, underlining the central importance of the national collective agreement in the Metalmeccanic industrial relations system. Moreover, the advance notice required for annual paid leave — seven days in total, in addition to the 27 days of statutory paid leave — is reduced to 15 days, while company management is free to move one of the seven days to the following year; metalmeccannici worker, however, may ask for payment instead or move the day to the so-called rest-hours account.

The rules on the multi-week work schedule will be extended to all companies in the industry. Employment contracts In order to restrict the repetitive use of fixed-term employment contracts, the draft agreement sets out a limit of a month time span to renew fixed-term employment relationships. On 20 Januarythe social partners in the metalworking sector signed the draft agreement for renewal of the national industry-wide collective agreement.

The draft agreement provides for the establishment of a joint National Observatory to conduct research studies and projects in the field of industrial relations and employment relations, such as the monitoring of company-level bargaining with a particular focus on the payment of performance-related bonuses and specific initiatives regarding the workplace environment and safety.

Secondly, it provides for equalising the contractual treatment of blue-collar and white-collar workers. As a result of this equalisation scheme, which will come into effect on 1 Januarythe contractual treatment of workers in the metalworking industry will be consolidated regarding both economic and legal aspects.

Apprendistato di mestiere Assegni Nucleo Familiare Assoc. In questo caso il licenziamento viene intimato anche se permane lo stato di malattia, quindi senza attendere la guarigione del lavoratore.


If the joint consultation body has not reached agreement by the deadline of Februaryfifth and third-level workers in the industry with proven skills and experience will be assigned a higher pay bracket. This means that the total sum of employment periods, even if not continuous, of a worker who is hired by the same company and for the same job under a certain type of contract that is different from a permanent one — such as a temporary agency or fixed-term employment contract — cannot exceed 44 months.

Il messaggio INPS n. It is evident from the social partner reactions to the draft agreement that conflict between the metalworking trade unions and the employer organisations continues to be high, even after the bargaining for the new industry-wide agreement has ended.

Come previsto dalla circolare n.

National collective agreement in metalworking industry renewed Published on: Job classification The draft agreement provides for the cvnl of mdtalmeccanici joint consultation body with the aim of devising a new job classification system by February So far, the wage of blue-collar workers corresponded to the number of hours actually worked and was therefore affected by suspensions of work, even when these were not the fault of the employee.

The difficult nature of metalneccanici negotiations is apparent from the reactions of the social partners to the agreement reached. The most controversial issues concern: Moreover, the rules on pay increments based on length of service have been simplified by linking the entitlement to such benefits to the length of service in the company rather than to job grades.