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Church fairs always took place on 25 June in homage to the Orthodox saint Onufriy. These old market halls are important for Sochaczew as they present the past glory of the town. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Sochaczew and its surroundings flourished.

Within the cemetery there are: John basilicawhere Frederic Chopin was baptized on 23 April and where his parents were married. Sochaczew focused economy, investment and social development.

Interakttywny life of Sochaczew is animated by the Municipal Centre of Culture. Optimization of CMS WordPress reduce the weight of website code, pictures compression, database optimization, protection against basic attacks and viruses. Housing, commerce and services flourished. Mayor, and other representatives of this Ukrainian town have visited Sochaczew frequently. It was then that Mayor of Sochaczew put forward an initiative to expand the partnership between the three towns.

InSochaczew was populated by 13, people. The construction was completed by the Rev.


Inne serwisy – commons – ZUS

Apteki Poradnie Gabinety weterynaryjne. The history of the castle dates back to the 14th century. Political events of the 18th century also affected the town. Mary with the Child is displayed, on a brick, clad column decorated ceig a cube cornice, dated back to the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

History – Urząd Gminy Miedziana Góra

Ceeidg monument worth seeing is also a Classicist mansion-house built aroundsurrounded by a naturalist park full of old trees.

Katowice Special Economic Zone is the right choice for those companies, which are willing to use the public aid in the form of the tax relief, calculated on the basis of the investment cost or new job creation.

The tree stand of the forests consists mainly of pines, oaks and birches, and in the river valleys remains of alder forests, as well as willows, poplars, bird cherries and alder buckthorns can be found. You can use these rights by submitting an application at the Fortuna Sp. Questions Submit your email address or phone number.

The Museum, established in as a branch of the Polish State Railways Museum in Warsaw, houses intdraktywny collection of narrow-gauge vehicles which is the biggest in Europe. During the reigns of the Mazovian Princes, Sochaczew was a densely populated town with developed handicraft.

In the 16th century, the Bobrza River basin became the centre of Polish metallurgy. Niniejszy serwis internetowy stosuje pliki cookies tzw. This whole industrial complex used local raw materials mined from nearby ore mines M.


Since the very beginning of the German invasion, the Nazis terrorised the Sochaczew dwellers.

The signatories of the document expressed their will to maintain and expand the partnership between both towns and to develop shared projects co-financed interaktyqny the European Commission. Now it is the seat of the Frederic Chopin State School of Music of the 1st and 2nd degree with over students.

Places of interest

Interaitywny the oblique cross was sawn off by specialists from Siedlce. Drogowcow 20 Polandtel.: From December until JulySochaczew was the arena of fierce stationary fights at the German and Russian front line, running along the Bzura and Rawka rivers.

He sat under an old oak and began praying. Melton is a special Pole-friendly place.

Inne serwisy

Until the November Uprising, the governing bodies of the Polish Kingdom appropriated vast amounts of money for the town development. The prince also reorganised the government system and introduced the office of a starost. First, you have to visit any state office and confirm your profile, which is valid for 3 years.

In the midth century, a brick castle was built in lieu of the stronghold which was burnt down by the Lithuanians and Russes.