View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: User Guide. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. View and Download Celestron C5 instruction manual online. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. C5 Telescope pdf manual download. Celestron C5+ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Celestron C5+ Instruction Manual. Celestron C5: Instruction Manual. Brand: Celestron | Category.

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In July, Celestron finally announced the Nexstar 5. Page 17 The Celestron Planisphere makes it easy to locate celestrob for observing and is a great planet finder as well. To properly expose your subjects photographically, you need to set your shutter speed accordingly. The Celestron Planisphere makes it easy to locate stars for observing and is a great planet finder as well.

Celestron C5+ Manuals

One could align against any two bright stars in the sky, and then dial up any position or object in its substantial database. Perhaps the most interesting enhancement was not directly visible: To attach the C5 to a photographic tripod: Previous goto telescope could align on just two stars, but the stars had to be identified by the user.

You c an u se a commer cially made l e n s cleaner or mix your o wn. Aligning the Finder The Celestron C5 comes with a 8x20mm finder that helps in aiming at distant objects that are hard to find in the narrow field of the spotting scope. To be sure, not all of the objects in the database were actually visible through the N5 from most sites, but Meade had forced Celestron’s hand somewhat with the ETX’s own oversized database.


The general rule is that 60 power can be used for every inch of aperture.

Low pressur e strokes sh ould go. A map of the night sky, oriented by month and day, rotates within a depiction of the 24 hours of the day, to display exactly which stars and planets will be visible at any given time.

Celestron C5+ Manuals

It is perhaps worth remarking that the optical quality of mid- to lates C8’s is widely considered the lowest since its inception. So portability wasn’t Celestron’s initial motive in bringing out the C5—cost was. Also, the twin-arm fork had been replaced by a one-armed mount mnual reduced its weight even further.

How to Use This Manual With light pollution showing no signs of abating any time soon, putting dark observing sites at a premium, the continued success of Celestron’s 5-inch SCT line seems assured. Comments to this Manuals Crlestron Name.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Wh e n using a. But the G5 and G3 were not to survive for long; the G3 was out of the market by latethe G5 followed suit a year later, and Celestron retired at least for the time being its 90 mm OTA.

But this time, the interruption was only temporary, as in Augustthe telescope that replaced the N5 was itself replaced in turn by the Nexstar 5 Special Edition or Manuwl SEwhich followed the introduction of the N8 SE just a cc5 previously. Although this halved “fork” led to rumors of greatly compromised stability, in practice its damping time was not significantly longer than that of its predecessor.


The celestroh C5 came in three flavors. Multiplying 5 by 60 gives a maximum useful magnification of power.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The N5i added on an autoguider port, as well as an auxiliary port that allowed operation with Celestron’s GPS accessory.

For example, the C5 is 5″ in diameter. If the star moves too rapidly through the field of view of the spotting scope, use Polaris.


The price dropped somewhat to compensate. Celedtron had designed the C5 by essentially photo-reducing the C8 blueprints, down to using a scale version of the C8’s dual axis, AC-powered spur-gear drive. If dust ha s built up on the corrector pla te, r em o ve it with a brush m ade of.

The first number used to describe the finder is the power while the second number is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. The Celestron C5 lens cap is made of spun aluminum with a felt-lined inner diam- eter.

Introduction All models have rugged, durable housings to give you a lifetime of pleasure with a minimal amount of maintenance. The focusing knob, which moves celeston primary mirror, is on the rear cell of the C5 to the right of the diagonal and eyepiece. Used with any eyepiece, it doubles the magnification of that eyepiece.