Jiddu Krishnamurti texts. Choiceless Awareness. What can the average decent man do to put an end to our communal problem?. This choiceless awareness. The Book of Life, October 10, HarperSanFrancisco, Facebook icon Twitter icon. Great seers have always told us to acquire. “Hi Adam, I would like to know what you think on “choiceless awareness”, as has been suggested by Jiddu Krishnamurti, as the only option we.

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Like watching yourself included in the movie. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Chokceless all, a man who loves a belief, an idea, a scheme, identifies himself with that formula, and that formula is a projection of himself. In part 2 I reflected on using sound as an object for practice.

I am aware of conflict and violence. You could say the same about us i.

Revolution is only possible now, not in the future; regeneration is today, not tomorrow. Now if you do not resist it, but do what is actually necessary, then you say, “I have to earn my livelihood and I will earn that livelihood rightly”.

We have to understand the whole field of memory from which all thought arises, both the conscious and the unconscious; and all that is the self – the hidden as well as the open, the dreamer and what he dreams. Lewin, David November So, there is no division between action which may be routine, which may be uninteresting, and your pursuit of reality: Now, the next question is whether awarenees is a matter of time.


Sir, the man who works making money, that is his myth.

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness

Then immediately there comes a quietness, a stillness of mind. The Wikipedia entry is bare, and suggests that the term is most often associated with the Theravadan and, in particular, Thai Forest tradition. You are not the creator.

Others find they prefer observing and learning about many different objects of experience to sustain their interest. University of California Press. Those who live work, and those who are forced to work out of necessity and who see that work makes them, dull – they are both dull.

Choiceless awareness

So what does awareness mean? It is only action that liberates, not the resistance to work. Turning States Into… on A humble attempt to define cho…. Excerpts may be used provided that appropriate attribution and reference back to the original source are included. However, we must start where we are. Marshall, Steve Producer, performer So — no duality. Sign up for my mailing list to get info awarenese upcoming classes and retreats; I do them all over the country and in Asia and Europe too.

In other words, we see the cause-and-effect chain of experience rolling on. You might be confused about what to do, or what to pay attention to. Also awareness without some wisdom is not enough?

The more sustained awareness there is, the more likely wisdom is to emerge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here When you are in love with someone, actually you are not very much concerned with what that person looks like, whether it is a shapeless face or a beautiful awareess.


Contrary to press reports published in midth-century, [48] later interest in practices related to, or influenced by, choiceless awareness, has resulted in unambiguously favorable mentions in the popular press. In terms of vision, its like using peripheral vision as opposed to selective focused vision — where qwareness dissect the visual field into separate things.


A man who loves is consumed by his love, he is not concerned with whether people have shapeless faces, stale desires and putrid memories. We are in that state when we really desire to understand something; when the intensity of interest is there, that state of mind comes into being. Are you sure that it is not the myth of world teachership that keeps you going?

Similar or related concepts had been previously developed in several religious or spiritual traditions; the term or choieless like it has also been used to describe traditional and contemporary secular and religious meditation practices.

The teachings of Ramana Maharshi paperback 2nd ed. These awareenss may be familiar to you, maybe not. Why do I wear myself out, if I don’t love the people who have “shapeless faces, stale desires, choicelwss memories”, and so on? A man who loves his work, what does he do? This paves the way to choosing wiser responses. So I wonder if, as a novice, the technique is right for me?