Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group (HK) Valuation. 24XX forward P/E, according to IPO prospectus, as consolidated profit for the. Dispatch of share certificates and White Form e-IPO Refund Offering” in this prospectus contains details, including conditions, of the Global Offering. (2) Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited, a company incorporated. CHOW TAI FOOK JEWELLERY GROUP LIMITED. (Incorporated in the Cayman . Enterprises Group, as disclosed in the Prospectus and the.

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Net cash from used in financing activities. The PRC legal system is based on written statutes. In the event that we decide to significantly modify our employment or labour policy or practice, or reduce the number of our employees or otherwise, the Labour Contract Law may also limit our ability to effect the modifications or changes in the manner that we believe to be most cost-efficient or otherwise desirable, which could materially and adversely affect cook business and results of operations.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited – Investor Relations > Investor FAQ

Change in working capital usage. Despite the rising demand for precious stones and metals, notably within the jewellery markets of the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau, the respective global supply remained at a relatively stable level historically.

We have an extensive retail network, with 1, jewellery points of sale and 85 watch points of sale as at 30 September In consideration for maintaining our Concessionaire Counter within a department store, the host department store takes a commission of our sales in terms of concessionaire fees.

In the future, we expect that labour costs in the PRC will continue to increase, and, as a result, it may become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the profit margins achieved in previous years. However, we cannot be certain that our growth rate is sustainable in the long term. Net cash used in from investing activities.

While we have wellestablished business relationships with reputable watch suppliers, including affiliates of LVMH Group, Richemont Group, Rolex group and Swatch Group, these international suppliers of watches among others may reduce or cease their cooperation with us, or they may opt for dealerships or retail arrangements in their own respective names and thereby compete against us.

A significant portion of our turnover is derived from the PRC. Accordingly, our long-term outlook is dependent prosprctus economic conditions, which could adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects in ways that we cannot predict. If our PRC subsidiaries cannot pay dividends due to government policies or regulations, or because they cannot generate sufficient cash flow, we may not be able to pay dividends, service our debt, or pay our expenses, which may have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

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Such efforts, such as more aggressive promotions, or reduction of our retail prices to respond to price competition, may materially and adversely affect our business, results of operations and fok condition.

We are chwo retailer of a broad range of discretionary products and our sales and profitability are not affected by the prices of gold and platinum alone.

Our sales may be affected by seasonality as a result of the event-driven nature of the jewellery retail business. Due to a gap of up to four business days between pricing and trading of our Shares, and given that our Shares will not commence trading on the Stock Exchange until the Listing Date, the ipl trading price of our Shares could be lower than the Offer Price.

The unauthorised use of our trade name and trademarks in counterfeit products could harm our market image and reputation, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects. Effect of foreign exchange rate changes. prkspectus

We therefore cannot be certain that our growth rate will be sustainable in the long run. The Circular also provides that, where a non-PRC resident enterprise transfers its equity interests in a PRC resident enterprise to its related parties at a price lower than the fair market value, the relevant tax authority has the power to make a reasonable adjustment to the taxable income of the transaction.

Directors and Senior Management. Such factors include our future financial condition, operating results and cash flows, as well as the general condition of global and domestic financial markets, and changes in monetary policies, interest rates and lending policies. Subject to the requirements of applicable laws, rules and regulations, we do not have any and undertake no obligation to update or otherwise revise the forward-looking statements in this prospectus, whether as a result of new information, future events or developments or otherwise.

Which period does the Chow Tai Fook’s fiscal year cover? Accordingly, you should not place undue reliance on such information or statistics. Stimulated by a subsequent strong demand recovery, rising mining cost and limited supply, both and the first ten months of witnessed a high growth rate in the average price of polished diamond.


Substantially all of our manufacturing operations are located within the PRC.

However, the PRC has not developed a fully integrated legal system, and recently-enacted laws and regulations may not sufficiently address all relevant aspects of economic activities in the PRC, or may even conflict with other new laws and regulations.

You should consider carefully all the information set out in this prospectus and, in particular, the risks and uncertainties described below before making an investment in the Shares. We may face reputational damage as well as lost sales opportunities if we are not able to adequately provide oversight and control of our franchisees.

We will also invest in and continue to improve our design and production capabilities. Over the forecast period from togold products are estimated to maintain their leadership position with a CAGR of In particular, gold and diamond prices have significantly increased over the Track Record Period. If we fail to compete effectively against our competitors, we may be unable to expand our market share in our key growth markets or in our product categories, and may lose market share.

Investor FAQ

Challenging cchow conditions and economic uncertainty over a prolonged period of time could adversely affect our sales or growth. While a significant percentage of our raw materials are commodities, which are obtainable through a variety of sources, if the i availability of, ii our access to, or iii the cost of purchasing certain raw materials that we need for our products is adversely affected for example, due to a decrease in the number of suppliers of such raw materials, or a reduction in the overall availability of such raw materials — whether due to a lack of supply, the loss of a supply contract, increased demand from our competitors or fluctuations in world prosprctus priceswe may have to pay more for, or may be unable to source, these raw materials.

We face strong competition from national and local competitors in jewellery, while we face competition from retailers of all scales with respect to watches. In 1HFY, retail revenue contributed approximately As part of the Reorganisation, Foshan Yushunfu became a subsidiary of our Group in