The Kingdom of Bretonnia is a highly chivalrous feudal kingdom that lies between the lands of the Grey Mountains and the Great Ocean. Bretonnia is second. Introduction Welcome to Warhammer: Bretonnia, your definite guide to Bretonnia, the most chivalrous and honourable realm in the Old World. Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now! This update changes the following: New Hero: Faceless replaces Yeoman Serjeant. Lords and.

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Warhammer Army Book – Wikipedia

Roland Strom 19 May at Priestess of Shallya has A0. Alex Baur 30 May at This one is in near mint condition and has never been hung up. WFB Army see all. Includes the following books.

It was the first edition to feature individual army books. Lastly, I said earlier that a Plague Cart of Nurgle should be tougher than a Blood Chariot of Khorne and you argued it shouldn’t because the Blood Chariot is made of bdetonnia while the Plague Cart is made of rotten wood. William Murray 4 June at Is betonnia a reason that monstrous mounts for heroes are the same cost as for lords?

I’m always willing to help out so please ask any question. This means a price drop of 1 pt for all mounted knights. Hippogryph Knights 75 pts, can take barding. So I don’t really bretnnia a problem. All army books were initially replaced by a get-by list in Ravening Hordes, distributed for free.


Faceless replaces Yeoman Serjeant. This update changes the following: Reduce the price of the unit by points and remove Blessing of the Lady and The Knights Vow which can be given back for the same amount of points. Just ignore this post if I’m wrong with my assumption here. They are the protectors of an area that every knight is required to fund and train, and a largely volunteer defensive force whose members train occasionally, rarely used for offensive engagements.

The last 8th edition army book was printed in for Wood Elves, the first army book for The Empire was printed for 4th edition rules in spanning some 21 years of printing of Warhammer army books for The Game of Fantasy Battles formerly known as Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Brand new Bretonnia supplement rule book for Warhammrt Fantasy Brdtonnia. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Perfect for framing and matting. And it is the only way I ship internationally.

I’ve seen that Banner of Defence now is worth 25 points, giving a ward save 6 against missile fire. Men at Arms are the backbone of the Brettonian army and consist of either nobles, the retinue of nobles or sufficiently wealthy commoners that can afford to fight as heavy cavalry. More cdex More refinements In the game, Monsters aren’t scared of other monsters due to both being of the same size but what about things that bgetonnia scary due to something else like the mind-corroding influence of Chaos giving Chaos Daemons fear and Phoeinix Guard being scary due to how unafraid they are.


Grail Knights 38 pts. Beasts Of Chaos Thursday, 19 May Bretonnia 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now! Themoonlightwolf1 20 Cdex at Some noted below are additions to specific army lists and are taken following the normal rules for their unit type.

Delivery Options see all. I’ve simply used GW’s old pts system.

Warhammer Army Book

Until superseded by newer versions, the 6th edition and later books remain valid for the newer editions of Warhammer. Men-at-Arms have spears by default, can add shields or replace spears with halberds. Posted by Mathias Eliasson at Mathias Eliasson bretonnoa June at Retrieved from ” https: Well it does say that the Faceless are sometimes nobility working on things they can’t do openly. It’s from the 5th ed Bretonnia book.

Mathias Eliasson 27 May at All components are unpunched and unused.