The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look booted from Comcast’s Next-Generation on Demand (NGOD) architecture. Services Architecture (ISA) and the Comcast-led Next Generation on Demand ( NGOD) architecture, which are used throughout the industry. innovator in the universal edge resource management (UERM) category, stated that it support both Comcast’s next-generation on-demand (NGOD) and Time.

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If “Y” the UDB is indicating that this is a new first time rental of an item. Resource Allocation Once the classes of resources required for a particular session are known and a set of resource ngov are chosen to allocate those resources, the actual resources to be used for a session need to be chosen. This may be done at an info screen using an indicator but not popping up in front of them.

Element This represents that this folder is a special action. Must be one of these values. Use 1 1 iconID attribute number 1 queryID attribute number 1 5.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future

May be one of: This document does not include an example session signaling flow showing resources being added or modified in existing sessions. It will come from the Upsell server to the Nav. Added presentationType to FolderFrame Barcelona only. Resources such as Edge Devices or Encryption Engines that connect to the IP network can be considered to be topologically different if they exist in different subnets.

Possible values are ngodd, “N”. UTC Format will be yyyy-mm-ddThh: However when used with locking depth first will block others when you are further out from the limit of available resources. While this property may occasionally deny session requests when resources become starved, the 2 phase commit process is needed when multiple Session Managers are contending for the same resources from a single resource manager.

Text to be displayed on the clickable button offered to the customer. Once the resource manager determines its role in the signaling flow, it examines the parameters of the RTSP Setup message it received to determine the candidate resources that may be allocated for the session.


Bandwidth accounting and admission control for edge links connected to Streaming Servers can be performed as part of the resource allocation process of the On Demand Resource Manager while bandwidth accounting and admission control for edge links connected to an Edge Devices can be performed as part of the resource allocation process of the Ocmcast Resource Manager.

The price that will be billed to the customer’s account.

Once the resource comcat to be used for a particular session are selected, the Session Manager and resource managers cooperate to implement a distributed resource allocation algorithm. One vendor may choose to include the item because ngid particular marketplace requires it or because it enhances the product, for example; another vendor may omit the same item.

Table 17 — Rating Element Table 42 — SelectionStart Request Table 30 — GetEntitlement Request The models used to implement resource allocation algorithms for the Next Generation On Demand architecture must take these inter-related dependencies into account. Changes in the topological database are flooded to all nodes in the same topology domain.

The NPT in millisecondsrelative to the beginning of the content asset ngld to by stopAssetIndex, at which playout was stopped. The A7 interface allows communication between other components and the Navigation Server for accomplishing these tasks. The Cogency Monitor An If comcas is XML data returned it must be processed to determine what the NavServer did with the request. Below are a few examples. Provider id of the Title asset. Display as a normal folder.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future | Light Reading

Pessimistic Resource Allocation in the Threaded Architecture 5. The resource manager compares the IP address the hostname field resolves to its own IP address. Once the Session Manager has the set of potential resources that may be used for the session from each resource manager, it will then select the optimal set comast resources for the session. When the resource selector picks a particular resource to use for the session, the resource manager commits that resource and frees the others for use in other resource requests.


Maximum bit rate of the Movie or Preview in bits per second. One assumption for this model is that the network does not provide for full connectivity between servers and QAMs.

Both the RTSP client and server state machines consist of 4 states with well defined state transitions. Pessimistic Resource Allocation in the Threaded Architecture Resource Selection This process would present a potential solution set to any other selection criteria such as business rules, such as load balancing between equal solutions or bias based on perceived cost. Since both of these problems involved the distribution of topological state, they are well suited to distributed algorithms.

Since the IP transport network is over provisioned in release 1, the process of allocating bandwidth comvast a Streaming Server ensures that the network has available bandwidth on the path from the Streaming Server to the Edge Device. SortParams Must be present if SortButtons is present. The protocol state machine implements the native state machine of the underlying protocol. A folder may have rights associated with it that limit a client’s ability to view or select the contained.

Changes for profile “BuckRn”: On an over provisioned comcasst you only need to ensure that the edge links do not get congested with video traffic in order to guarantee that MPEG flows have good quality of service.

Note that the rentalPeriod and Price may not be modified on a resume request.