please we need a comet , with a bore of 3/4some team that want to sell the cvt please contact methanks. Hi, I am a team member of ‘Team IIT Delhi Mini Baja. I want to know the reduction of Comet at RPM, which should not be If you got your comet clutches from Roy at QDS, they are tuned for the 10HP Briggs engine. If you couldn’t get it into the overdrive ratios you.

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For the mm example, I would saw you want to be in the mm range. I can tune a Comet like a piano. We have 3 pressure springs and 1 set of weights which we got from CVTech.

If you had a cvt that was a 0. Weights, pressure springs are the two which I can identify at present. Torque is good for acceleration. Also a little help on compatible gearboxes will be very helpful. My guess would be just adjusting the spacing of the sheaves. By P-Dog in forum Motor – Engine.

comet bore 3/4 – Official Baja SAE Forums

Comet Model Low 3. For the its mm.

Long story short, we have some buggies lined up to throw dirt all over this comt boy so stay tuned, bear with us, and be as patient as possible until we have time to run this vBulletin 4 Buggy through the dirt!!! The Secondary will be partially shifted out at Idle.

Preferred CVT – Official Baja SAE Forums – Page 3

It fits all engines with a 1 inch straight crankshaft. The site was recently updated from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4 software. Looking at the results from in Carolina accel event.


I am attaching some photos of the CVT, can anybody tell me something about it? The redness and hotness First of all i want to know what this line of yours mean the speed you will be at when your CVT engages is 7.

Please comment on performance By Horang in forum Driveline. Calculating your engagement speed will take quite a bit more work than just trying it on your car and adjusting springs and weights from there to get whatever engagement speed you want.

But the old car was Comets all the way around So which car was it that got 7th in acceleration at Washington? This is the model currently offered to students Info is in the form available below: Hey, Its true that the CVtech is pretty ridiculous in terms of shift range, close to 7: And from my point of view the conclusion according to you is that if we have an overdrive we will have more acceleration.

This would be very bad.

Typically as comer saying goes “No one likes change” therefor you may find yourself at a cross roads per say in regards to how the site now looks and functions. Comet Clutch Refine Results.

So that information might help us next time. Was that the old car? I would recommend using a tachometer similar to what the briggs techs use at comp find them here http: This kit has everything you will need! Sandrail and Buggy building community – Archive – Top.

If you tune the clutch to shift near peak RPM of the engine, the governor is cutting cpmet. Also for anybody wondering what was up with us at RIT we failed big time in accel due to a number of factors, most of which were my fault. I would research the high RPM the engine can pull before the throttle gets cut back. It will help you get more power out of your small engine by reducing engine load.


We like to help but personally, I hate to repeat things that have clmet been said http: I just need an insight to get things started. As the engine is shifting it will be the engagement RPM. Engagement speed is generally set with the preload on the primary’s spring.

This does cause a loss in efficiency, but this full overdrive only comes in at full tilt and this is the time when a loss in efficiency is ok! Me and cbt current teammates do not know the model and the specifications of the CVT like centre to centre distance, low and high ratio.

Comet 790 Cvt PDF

If you have any idea of polaris CVTs and their compatible gearboxplease let me know: We ended up going down one spring rate on the secondary and leaving the primary stock for the best results. Overdrive is good for top speed, not for torque. Sure, its not ideal but it will perform just fine for a new program with a first iteration drivetrain. A practical 20 Series torque converter driver clutch. Designed for small engines with up to 8hp. The only note that I would make is that our car was somewhat of xomet porker.