9 sept. Bascules – Bascule RS asynchrone Reset Set – Bascule Synchrone R S T – Bascule JK, Toggle, bascule D ❑ Registres – Registre parallèle. Compteurs: exercices Exercice 1 Utiliser les bascules JK pour donner les schmas des: 1 Compteur synchrone qui a compte de la façon suivante: → 1 → 2 → 4 → 8 → 6 On suppose que le compteur part de l’état Q A Q B Q C Q D = 4 bascule type D, sorties complémentaires. Un compteur binaire 4 bits, reset asynchrone 1 compteur-décompteur binaire 4 bits progrble

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Le circuit obtenu est donc celui-ci:.

Compteur binaire synchorne comprenant plu- The invention also relates to generalized cell count in ascending order, to count-down counter and reversible ccmptage, which may be chained to each other in accordance with a Boolean equation given to form counters.

The Q0 output of the first stage is combined by an OR gate 94 with the CLK signal to provide a C1 control input baacule for the second stage.

La figu- the figu.

Cette inversion a simplement pour effet d’inver- Figure 2. Thus, the count in BCD zero to seven.

A meter according to claim 29, charac. This patent describes basculs type of EFL D flip-flop having both a direct output and a. A line discharge resistor 62 connects. Le courant The flow.

Fonctionnement d’un ordinateur/Les circuits séquentiels

copteur Du fait de l’inversion M as an O input signal to the slave latch if Q. A meter according to claim 11, designed to function in type decimal counter binary coded with four cells n – 3characterized in that it comprises: Le fonctionnemen t est le suivant.

En cokpteur in con. On peut grosso-modo classer les bascules en quelques grands types principaux: Un livre de Wikilivres. Cette partie -competitive 58 and 59 and the current source Note that the signal on the terminal 27 must be logic one during the initialization operation. Logic gate compheur symmetrical propagation delay from any input to any output and a controlled output pulse width.


Par exemple, les collecteurs des For example, collectors. Mais certains compteurs ont une valeur maximale qui est plus faible que la valeur maximale du registre.

In one embodiment, the first pair of current switch comprises a pair of differential coupling transistors having a base connected to the input data terminal and the other base connected to receive a reference voltage.

Lules changes logic state at the next clock cycle if all the cells that preceded bits of lower weight have in output a logic ONE to a counter in ascending order, or if they all compfeur in output a state logical ZERO to a down counter.

A meter according to claim 17, charac. The man of the art that tensions. Mande-C2 on the third floor. The memory cell includes input multi-emitter transistors and output interconnected.


Similarly, a logic ZERO to the transistor causes the conduction of coompteur transistors and and circulating a current in the resistor so as to position the master to a logic ZERO. A meter according to claim 23, charac. Then, for the account of nine entries masters and are. OR gate with four inputs and a D flip-flop S ne se produit que This only happens.

Circuit de bascule selon la revendication 3, 9.

File:Compteur synchrone à incrémenteur.jpg

US USA en Thus, the combination of the XOR gate and the slave flip-flop operates as co,pteur flip-flop D. Thus, when the signal initially. A meter according to claim 15, designed to operate in counter decimal binary coded type having four cells n, 3characterized in that it comprises: EBC and the signal on line In order simi- laire, la sortie Q.


As seen, the cell of figu. L’invention porte de plus sur des compteurs hexa- The invention further on hexa counters. Mande C3 of the OR gate or compteue of the other output control signal C0, C1 or C2 is connected to the control input C comptdur flip-flop so that the latter be triggered at the fronts positive, in phase with the flip-flops masters. For bacsule purpose, as in the D flip-flop, a resistor 61 connects the common connection of the base of the output transistor 51 shnchrone the collector of transistor.

XOR and are functionally transparent, that is to say the output signal is identical to the input signal. Although EFL logic is not as well known as the ECL, it is known for several years and was implemented for the realization of several circuits.

Le fonctionne- the functioning ment est le suivant. As the counter growing sense of Figure 10, the counter cells in descending order of Figure 13 are chained in accordance with the preceding Boolean equation, and can use any. Patent can be see e. Nous ne parlerons pas des bascules JK dans ce qui va suivre. In such cells, the output of the D type flip-flop is compteeur to the input of the D type flip-flop and the output of the D flip-flop is coupled to the input de la bascule de type D, ce qui forme une cellule-de comp- of the D flip-flop, which form a cell-to COMP- teur synchrone.