Diagnosis. In most cases, doctors can diagnose Dupuytren’s contracture by the look and feel of your hands. Other tests are rarely necessary. Learn more about La Contractura de Dupuytren at StoneCrest Internal Medicine DefiniciónCausasFactores de. TERMIUM® is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank.

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Respuesta al comentario del Dr. If the hand cannot be placed completely flat on the table, leaving a space between the table and a part of the hand as big as the diameter of a ballpoint pencontgactura test is considered positive and surgery or other treatment may be indicated.

Hand therapy is often recommended. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. Call Stonecrest Internal Medicine at The cause is contracturaa. Family historyalcoholismsmokingthyroid problemsliver diseasediabetesepilepsy [2] [4]. Needle aponeurotomy is a minimally-invasive technique where the cords are weakened through the insertion and manipulation of a small needle.

Recurrence lacks a consensus definition. Otro medicamento que puede inyectarse se llama colagenasa de Clostridium Histoliticum Xiaflex. European Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

The main function of the palmar fascia is to increase grip strength; thus, over time, Dupuytren’s contracture decreases a person’s ability to hold objects. Use quotes “search term” to only include pages with the same words in the same order. This content is written, edited and updated by hand surgeon members of the American Society for Surgery of the Contractira.


The difference with the percutaneous needle fasciotomy is that the cord is cut at many places.

Treatment involves one or more different types of treatment with some hands needing repeated treatment.

While you might first bring your symptoms to the attention of your family doctor, he or she might refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

Laser treatment using red and infrared at low power was informally discussed in at an International Dupuytren Society forum, [54] as of which time little or no formal evaluation of the techniques had been completed.

Contractures often recur but the procedure can be repeated. In most cases, doctors can diagnose Dupuytren’s contracture by the look and feel of your hands. Diversas cuestiones importantes relacionadas se plantean en este momento en la literatura, entre ellas: Symptoms and Treatment Options. The main categories listed by the International Dupuytren Society in order of stage of disease are radiation therapyneedle aponeurotomy NAcollagenase injection and hand surgery.

The main disadvantage is that it can’t be used in some places in the finger because it could damage a nerve or tendon. The donor site can be closed with a direct suture. Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde. Archived from the original on March 23, Steroid injectionsclostridial collagenase injections, surgery [4] [5]. Other tests are rarely necessary.

Dupuytren’s contracture

In most cases the graft is taken from the antecubital fossa the crease of skin at the elbow joint or the inner side of the upper arm. The ring and small fingers are most commonly involved. The cords are placed under maximum tension while they are cut. Nonoperative treatment of Dupuytren’s disease”. The hand and arm are elevated with a sling.


Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. With this test, the person places their hand on a table. As the fingers are drawn into the palm, it may be more difficult to wash hands, wear gloves, shake hands, and get hands into pockets. Radiation therapy has been used mostly for early stage disease, but is unproven.

Occasionally, the disease will cause thickening on top of the knuckles or cause lumps and cords on the soles of the feet plantar fibromatosis.

Dupuytrens Contracture – Symptoms and Treatment – The Hand Society

Symptoms Medicine Bones and Joints. The skin on the inner side of the upper arm is thin and has enough skin to supply a full-thickness graft. This can be done in several ways. Not to be duupytren with Dupuytren fracture. It also eliminates the cost of hospitalization and postoperative complications.

J Hand Surg Am. In these cases a skin graft is needed to cover the open wound. In which subject field? A structured review of published studies”. We show our experience in the treatment of the disease, by injecting dupuytrrn in 15 patients as a non-surgical option. Gradual onset in males over 50 [2].

Bones and Joints [1]. Choose words carefully and avoid terms that duppuytren not concern surgery. Dermofasciectomy is a surgical procedure that is mainly used in recurrences and for people with a high chance of a recurrence of Dupuytren’s contracture.