Specify the units – I seem to remember having a problem when I omitted this option (although DPI should be the default), for example: convert. convert -units PixelsPerInch -size x xc:black -resample 96 The GIF format actually totally ignores/discards the dpi anyway, as you can see diff finds. #resample. As for your screen — measure it! it is typically (these days) 90 to dpi. Remember dpi.

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Sign up using Facebook. It is for this reason that many options such as -label is strictly a input setting only, while -set label is strictly used as a meta-data attribute changing operator!


A higher DPI will transfer more picture information into the raster format and hence preserve more details from the real original quality.

The DPI is strictly for indicating print and display sizing. Select all convert -units PixelsPerInch rose1.

But a different order is recommended with current IM imagemagico so that it works for all images: DPI is only meaningful if rendered to devices. I have an image Image. The images will appear smaller in the resulting PDF but with high printing quality.

[SOLVED] convert from pdf and increse resolution?

I am often doing that when I am working with LaTeX, or to be exact with the command pdflatex on a recent Ubuntu-Machine. Does -resample use a different algorithm for scaling from -scale?

Since it is still not clear to some readers what I noted above, here is one more attempt Loom 1, 2 19 And ImageMagick’s documentation is in full agreement with me: This ‘hint’ can possibly be automatically evaluated by printer drivers or by page creation programs such as LaTeX. According to these two pieces of info Gimp then calculates the total number of pixels it has to use extrapolate from the original number of pixels to fill the requested space at the requested resolution.


Yes it is a little archaic. You can ‘print’ the very same 72×72 pixels image on a 1 inch wide square: Now there are different algorithms which can be used to compute what color values these 4 pixels 3 of them new pixels should have:.

convert image 75 dpi to dpi – ImageMagick

As such their use is confusing. Convert to dpi Questions and postings pertaining to the usage of ImageMagick regardless of the interface. Am I getting something completely wrong? Sign up using Email and Password.

conbert It’s a completely abstract value that gets practical value only in the context of knowing also the absolute size of the printout or rendering on screen or monitor: So what remains is this: JakeGould 31k 10 93 The ImageMagick version is 6.

Passport photo itself they will make when I visit the office. Yes, I should have paid more attention to the question! I would probably have expected something similar with units, in which case order between the two should not matter.

Also, it is straightforward to write GIMP scripts to automate tasks like this, and also it is possible to change resolutions with small programs.

  D4A 1101N PDF

I needed to put -density before input. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. If you ‘manipulate’ your image with Gimp, and then embed the result in LaTeX, the page imagemahick like you expect it. Your fatal flaw was the initial assumption: Exiftool also is able to set parameters, but as noted in man page Image:: For raster images, the DPI setting is only relevant in the context of printing or displaying it.

This gives you How can I calculate how many dpi is my screen? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ok, the values there are often 72 by default.

The OP should have chosen the heading: ImageMagick does not touch this profile, even when asked to write a resolution change into the metadata of an image file. Now there are different algorithms which can be used imagemagic, compute what color values these 4 pixels 3 of them new pixels should have: Now what is the problem here.

How can I measure imagemaick screen? Note that you can use Exiftool to read out resolutions.