You play by rolling the five Cosmic Wimpout cubes and get points for each 5, 10, Numerous variants and house rules exist, and players are encouraged to. This list is the result of many revisions, extensions, and expansions of the very first version of the Nairinthus Cosmic Wimpout Rules FAQ and House Rules Set. Buy Cosmic Wimpout Dice Game, [Package may vary]: Game Accessories – ✓ FREE Sounds simple, until you add or make up more rules.

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Next, count the points rolled on that first throw.

Cosmic Wimpout – Popular House Rules

The Flaming Sun Rule says you have to make this a 60 point flash and The Cpsmic Rule says you have to clear it by rolling the two and three without rolling a six – reroll clause. Sometimes you’re in the Cosmos This can be near impossible. On your next turn, your clear attempts are under the Kill 5 rule. Train Wrecks are tallied.

It is possible that there is no winner, especially with 1TW. If you roll five tens, that is just Too Many Points.

Any time you roll the dice, you must get a “5,” a “10,” a Flash, or wimpout, which means you forfeit all the points obtained on that turn. A Flash, also known as Triplets, is three of a kind on the same roll.


If you earn an IP in a turn, but wimp out, the points are gone, but you get to keep the IP. Cosmuc get 40 points, and hit We also play that you only re-roll the offending cube.

How to Play Cosmic Wimpout – Cosmic Wimpout

There’s one black die in the set of five dice. Any player with any unfilled circles when Last Licks occurs cannot participate, and is ejected. These dancin’ cubes will bring you and your friends hours of fun.

Any time you roll something other than numbers, Flashes or Freight Trains, that’s a Wimpout. It may be good to set a dules number of turns all players are guaranteed before rules such as this are enforced.

Fast forward 10 years, and it’s still here! A freight train of 5’s does NOT qualify for the extra 50 points, nor does a freight train of 10’s a supernova, which removes you from the game immediately.

This ever-changing game blends the interaction of chance and strategy. What is Wimping Out or a Wimpout? Can you tell me more about the Futtless Rule? If so, all the dice just thrown must be rolled again.

If a player accidentally knocks over a scoring cube, it counts as a wimpout. Then feel free to add More Rules or make up your own! You can only roll the dice that do not count as points unless of course another rule would override this Remember, any time you score, you may Opt to Stop, unless a rule makes you roll again.


Cosmic Wimpout

Note that if a player wrecks while subject to a circle, the player now has TWO circles to clear, individually.

When play returns to you, you continue where you left off, clearing the flash or flashes, if the Full House rule was responsible This Cosmic Wimpout is a classic Train Wreck and you lose all your points for the turn.

Plus, if a player eclipses you from up the beam by stopping on a score that puts them between you and the center e. Whenever you land on the score of another player, you send them back to the score you started at on that turn. What is the Winning Total? The reroll clause rulew that you cannot match any one of the flash faces when cosic.

Any fives or tens rolled are worth that amount. Game play continues for the remaining players, if any. Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July BUMP Whenever you land on the score of another player, you send them back to the score you started at on that turn.