Cracker is a German shepherd trained to work as an army dog sniffing out bombs and the enemy. Together, he and his handler, Rick Hanski, become the best. Rick and Cracker the German shepherd must survive the Vietnam War. Historical. Author. Cynthia Kadohata. Cast. Director. Distributor. Network. Performance. Cracker is a German shepherd, owned by the US Army, who sniffs out booby traps in Vietnam with her handler, Rick. Kadohata has deftly.

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Also I really adore how the author made Cracker and Rick bond, they had an amazing relationship that I coul Cracker!: Kadohwta lives with her hockey-playing son and dog in West Covina, California.

See 1 question about Cracker! He does become Cracker’s “owner” by winning her respect. A Long Walk to Water: He would be sent back home for recovery but where was Cracker? She originally lived with Willy until Willy’s dad lost his job and had to move into an apartment but the problem is is that the apartment doesn’t allow dogs.

She had a good life before her bomb sniffing days. Sometimes Cracker remembers when she was younger, and her previous owner would feed her hot dogs and let her sleep in his bed. It entitles anything cynthja would like to know about a war dog.


Cracker!: The Best Dog in Vietnam

My kids read this book as a Reading Olympic book and recommended it. Rick and Cracker don’t just make a team, but a relationship. A story about a heroic German Shepherd dog called Cracker, who went to the Vietnam War and saved lots of people’s lives with her handler, Rick.

However, vynthia young recruit just out of high school is special, though he is told he is not special by his counselor. The main conflict occurs when Rick and Cracker get deployed into the jungles of Vietnam on a “routine” patrol.

Write a customer review. We had to talk a lot crackef what can happen to a person during a war post-traumatic stresshow people can crack, become depressed, make super bad choices or do something amazingly heroic.

In the book “Cracker!: The book is very very good that shows the lives of the Vietnam soldiers and their dogs. Rick’s thoughts encapsulate the confusion and growing paranoia of soldiers living in a land where friends and foes are hardly distinguishable. They are working their way to being the best dog and man group in their group of handlers. Rick wants to whip the world and prove to everybody that he is capable of serving in the army.


Her first children’s book, Kira-Kirawon the Newbery Medal. Most dogs serving in the IPSD did not return to the states after their service was complete, would Cracker the best dog in Vietnam find her way home?

Cracker! | Book by Cynthia Kadohata | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

She has saved so many lives but some times she thinks about her previous owner. May 03, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Historical Fiction 6 4 Dec 09, I wish Kadohata had added more conflict to the book before the last few chapters. Compact Disc – 6 pages – This is a good book for a young teenager The author isn’t overly political, but there were times I felt I needed to stop and talk about people’s attitudes and perceptions.

This is more a personal story and talks about stuff that ha I wasn’t sure how this book would be received. More like a 3.

It is about this dog named Cracker and her owner Rick. It was amazing the way Cracker and Rick bonded together.